Product development body care appliances

Premium electric body care appliances – example product development

Project example - Emotional design products: high-quality, fall-proof, robust, waterproof, modular design, high-end injection molding, worldwide production

Development example busbar

E-Mobility busbar – example product development

Extremely stressed hybrid component with the highest safety requirements - powerful, compact, safe, precise, robust

Development example mobile pager

Mobile pager – example product development

Conflicting development goals resolved - powerful reception, long battery life, lightweight, drop-proof, waterproof, durable, fail-safe

The goal of product development is to transform an idea into a market-ready product. The foundation for this process of development and design is the concept in which technical solutions have been defined. Product development implements these solutions constructively. This ensures the product's functionality and durability, as well as its manufacturability according to material and process requirements. Aspects of repairability or maintainability, and potential product extensions during the product's lifespan, are also considered. Additionally, the disposal at the end of the product lifecycle plays an important role in the design. M.TEC has been implementing all these aspects as a service provider in product development for over 30 years with commitment and foresight for its clients.

Do you want your product development to be cost-effective, reliable, and capable of innovation?

Is the timely and budget-compliant realization of your product idea essential for you, and you do not want to make unexpected compromises in functionality, quality, or manufacturability during the project? The use of new, innovative technologies, materials, and processes is sensible and desirable if they can generate added value. Sustainability goals increase complexity and must be achieved largely cost-neutrally at the same time. Do these aspects essentially reflect the goals of your product roadmap? If you are looking for appropriate support for your product development, you will find a committed, capable, and experienced development service provider in M.TEC.

As a product development service provider, M.TEC transforms your idea into a market-ready product

As a dedicated engineering service provider for product development, M.TEC ensures for its clients that developmental goals are realized according to the specifications and within the timeline and budget plan. Using their own ISO9001 certified development methodology, M.TEC engineers identify and control project risks, design products and components to meet functional and stress requirements, thereby laying the groundwork for trouble-free production. They utilize state-of-the-art simulation methods and tools provided by the in-house simulation team.

Technology and Material Independent Product Development

To keep all technical paths and options open in product development for our clients, M.TEC operates independently from raw material and material manufacturers, distributors, and equipment and machinery manufacturers, despite being part of the Feddersen Group. This neutral stance towards materials and processes is the founding principle and a permanent guideline for M.TEC's services.

Specialized Knowledge in Product Development

Plastic Technology

One of M.TEC's main focal points in product development is the plastics-appropriate development of components and products. This includes material-appropriate design and sizing, as well as process-appropriate configuration. M.TEC offers its clients extensive expertise in the area of plastics and high-performance polymers, corresponding simulation methods, related processing processes, and tool technology.

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics primarily influences the technical efficiency of products, devices, and systems. Inefficient fluid guidance leads to pressure losses, resulting in lower efficiency and reduced functionality. Another important aspect in product development can be noise caused by fluid flow. Even if technically irrelevant, it can negatively impact the perceived quality of a product and thus its market success. The development experts at M.TEC are well-versed in the physical fundamentals of fluid mechanics and support your product development in optimizing the fluid guidance in your product.


Acoustics can greatly influence the quality perception of products and devices and therefore plays a significant role in product development. The engineers at M.TEC understand the physical interrelations involved in noise generation and use appropriate simulations to analyze and specifically influence acoustics within set parameters.

Light Integration

Light elements allow products to be functionally and visually enhanced. As a sales-promoting element, light elements can increase desirability and perceived product quality. Additionally, light elements can realize additional functions within the product. However, integrating lighting technology, especially functional or signal lighting, is technically challenging. The earlier lighting is considered in product development, the better and more economically it can be integrated into products and devices. M.TEC provides you with comprehensive lighting technology expertise to safely bring your lighting idea to production.

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