Production Technology

In the area of production equipment and processes, M.TEC engineers provide advice and analyze, optimize and solve problems in your production plant. In doing so, they use know-how from development, process engineering, plant engineering and in the application of troubleshooting processes as well as a comprehensive portfolio from simulation & calculation.

Engineering services in the field of production technology

  • Analysis of production plants / production machines
    • Analysis of the assembly plant
    • Analysis of the product
  • Troubleshooting / error correction with systematic cause analysis
  • Sensitivity analyses
  • Evaluation of initial samples and process studies from injection moulding and assembly processes including welding processes
  • Evaluation of process parameters from the process studies for plausibility and feasibility
  • Evaluation of the robustness of the found process parameters
  • Creation of experimental designs
  • Development of escalation strategies in the event of failure to meet targets

Physical effects - processing, filling, production

Analyzing physical principles of action

The influences on a process must be considered and taken into account at the level of physics. Thus they can be integrated appropriately into the overall solution. This concerns, for example, the behavior of

  • dynamic effects
  • Liquids, powder, suspended particles etc.

Sensitivity analyses

Identify sensitive process parameters

  • for existing plants
  • for new concepts

Special expertise in plastics technology

If it is not the machine but the plastic components that are responsible for a robust process without pseudo rejects and/or with an increased reject rate, the engineers at M.TEC can show the consequences for a possible article adaptation right into the injection mold without neglecting the requirements for the assembly.

Project examples production plants

  • Cost analysis/conceptual design for an additional module in an assembly system for a consumer product
  • Analysis and improvement of process engineering production plant with regard to fluid mechanics
  • Analysis of packaging systems to increase efficiency
  • Analysis of filling system for the definition of a nozzle geometry

Troubleshootings in the area of production plants

  • After change of material: joining problem/increased reject rate; analysis and error correction
  • Duplicated, modified assembly line medical technology: failure to achieve efficiency/increased reject rate; analysis and problem solving
  • Analysis pseudo-committee 
    • End-of-line test
    • Internal measurements in an assembly plant



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