Engineering services – for products and processes

The success of products and processes depends directly on the quality of the product development process. Developments succeed when engineering expertise in the various disciplines is systematically combined and applied across all project stages,  e. g. product management, design, layout, validation and series start-up.

M.TEC ENGINEERING GmbH has been developing innovative technical products and the associated processes and equipment for renowned companies for over 30 years. This comprehensive engineering know-how is combined in an in-house development system that is applicalbe across all industries. Using this engineering systematics, M.TEC supports its customers along the entire product development process, from complex new developments to effective troubleshooting and series production.

Holistic engineering as a cross-industry success model

The motivation of M.TEC's engineers, their understanding of physics, the transfer of knowledge across different industries and the interdisciplinary teamwork turn M.TEC into the reliable and strong engineering service provider that many long-standing customers rely on.

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