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In the age of transformation, our world is characterized by volatile markets, a great deal of uncertainty and an increasingly complex environment. Manufacturing companies are faced with the challenge of adapting their strategies and business models quickly and flexibly to changing situations. As a result, strategic work in product development is becoming an ongoing process so that tomorrow's successful products can be created.

Well positioned for the future: With strategy consulting!

“An idea is just an idea. When and how you approach it determines what becomes of it.”

Justin Mateen

Do you have a great idea or have already developed a product and need support with your go-to-market strategy?

This requires considering a wide spectrum. Your goal is to remain competitively viable in the long term and to utilize future-capable concepts. Issues such as raw material prices and availability, transport routes, regulations and standards in different countries and industries, component design, design validation, ensuring product certification, process optimization, and the sustainability of manufacturing processes must be considered. Strategic decisions can only be made based on a robust foundation. M.TEC provides you with the necessary insights into your product idea to respond early to disruptive changes and seize new opportunities - before development begins and continuously during industrialization. We achieve this with our holistic approach, which supports you in placing innovative products on the market.

Ready for the future? Continuous innovation with the right strategy!

Secure competitive advantages and increase productivity and long-term success such as profit growth and customer satisfaction. M.TEC supports you with innovative solutions for lasting profitability and growth when introducing new products, technologies, or business models. Our interdisciplinary development teams act as your strategic-thinking partner. With our tailored and sustainable solutions, you shape the future responsibly.

Our range of services in strategy consulting includes:

  • Market and competitive analysis, identification of customer needs
  • Trend analysis: Market development, costs, product features, design language
  • Idea generation: Inspirations, new functions, new technologies
  • Analysis of the product portfolio: Product requirements, product specifications
  • Target cost analysis
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Identification of improvement potentials
  • Creation of user/application scenarios, product handling
  • Technology screening: Availability of resources and transferability
  • Analysis of legal regulations in different cultures and industries
  • Design validation: Ensuring product certification
  • Design verification: Functional analysis, development of functional concepts
  • Ergonomics study and optimization
  • Prototype construction and risk analysis
  • Strategy consulting after market launch
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