Multi-body simulation services

Head impact center console (Multi body simulation services by M.TEC)

Simulation of the head impact on a center console of a passenger car

Control lock of a car locking system (Multi body simulation services by M.TEC)

Multibody simulation of a control lock of a passenger car lock

A multi-body simulation (MBS) is always the right simulation when several mechanical components interact with each other, i.e. a multi-body system has to be calculated using simulation. If an assembly is loaded with several components, interactions between the individual components occur. With the help of multi-body simulation, the resulting loads in the multi-body system can be determined and thus individual components can be dimensioned or entire drives can be designed, as in the case of a gearbox calculation. Furthermore, the question of the transmission of force from point A to point B can also be examined with this simulation.

The M.TEC engineers are specialized in multi-body simulation for the simulation and design of larger assemblies and drives.

Standard tasks in which multi-body simulation is used include the design of drives in medical technology products, control locks for cars and transmissions.

Multi-body simulation: Categories

  • Kinematics simulation
  • Determination of forces, moments and natural frequencies in dynamic systems
  • Force and torque curves in gears and mechanisms
  • Stability studies
  • Optimization of imbalances and correction masses
  • Structure-borne sound calculations

Application areas of multibody simulations

  • Design of drives
  • Control locks in automotive engineering
  • Gearbox, gearbox calculation
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