Method development

Individual simulation software / analysis tools

Commercial simulation software often does not help with special questions. The M.TEC CAE division develops tailor-made solutions for individual calculation tasks by means of method development, both by incorporating existing analysis tools and by developing new calculation methods.

Application examples of individual simulation software

Example 1: Manufacturing process overmolding of organic sheet

The values for wall thickness and temperature distribution determined in the drape simulation are transferred to the injection molding simulation via M.TEC's own DrapMold interface. With this individual solution, the entire process of overmolding organic sheets can be simulated.

Example 2: Charging of batteries

M.TEC has mapped the charging processes in a battery using simulation software: the charging and discharging of the battery and the corresponding heating and heat transport within the battery.

Example 3: Structural optimization with consideration of fiber layers

For an IBC container with lightweight construction properties, M.TEC has enabled the simulation software for structural optimization to include the fiber layers of tapes in the calculation. Thus, the component structure and the material properties are combined in the simulation in order to maximize the lightweight design aspect.

Development process individual simulation software

The path to your customized solution for your calculation question in simulation or analysis includes the following essential steps:

1. Analyze and understand the problem

Method development begins with the systematic analysis of the process or procedure. Which sub-steps are there? How are they connected?

2. Determine physical principles of action

The individual principles of action are determined and defined. What exactly happens on the physical level?

3. Check existing software

With knowledge from different subareas of simulation and a large software pool of the best existing simulation tools, we examine possible solutions. Which software tool covers which part of the process? For which subareas are calculation methods missing?

4. Linking/re-enabling software

We close the remaining "gaps" by programming interfaces and new software routines/FE types. In doing so we use our profound programming knowledge and experience in the use of simulation software and calculation methods.

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