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The AI-based development method was internally developed by M.TEC and optimizes practically any product, component, and process that can be numerically modeled. The simulation-supported engineering method is most beneficial in new developments, especially when multiple physical parameters are considered simultaneously. Successful product developments prove it!

Typical development scenarios for optimization with AI

Typical development scenarios include:

  • Development and optimization towards differently weighted development goals (e.g., a combination of lifespan, reliability, material savings, cost-effective manufacturing)
  • Optimization of processes, for example, in terms of stability and efficiency
  • Minimization of warpage in injection molded parts

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Success Stories und Anwendungsbeispiele


Project example electric motor

The optimization led to a weight reduction of 17%, an improvement in torque, an increase in service life and optimization of production.


Project example automotive support structure for BMW AG

Optimization led to an 80% reduction in sampling time, elimination of tool changes Awarded at the SPE Automotive Award 2021

m.opt-mulitiphysik--pen-injektorProject example insulin pen

Product development suitable for large-scale production that harmonizes precision, safety, quality and patient-oriented handling as well as production costs.

m.opt-multiphysik--kupfer-busbar-stromschieneProject example busbar

Optimization for material reduction, weight reduction and functional fulfillment (current flow, cooling).


Project example front apron 

Reduction of distortion by 45% from 8.0 mm to 4.4 mm and more even residual distortion, weld line-free, suitable for large-scale production (illustrations scaled the same; below before, above after).


Project example connector strip

Reduction of the total distortion by 36% from 0.461mm to 0.294mm (illustrations scaled the same; below before, above after).

m.opt-multiphysik--fluegelrad-ventilatorschaufeln-1Project example impellers

Optimization of mechanics (e.g. deformation during operation), fluidic and acoustic properties as well as the injection moulding process (minimizing distortion).

AI-based design engineering – products, processes, machines
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