Mechanical Engineering

Robot transfer in clean room (Mechanical engineering by M.TEC)

Mounting for robot unit with contact-free drive – low-particle motion sequences for clean room applications

Maintenance unit for high-vacuum environment (Mechanical engineering by M.TEC)

Lifting and adjusting table for maintenance of wear parts in a process sequence of a high vacuum production line

Shear forces testing frame for organic sheets (Mechanical engineering by M.TEC)

Device for testing shear forces on organic sheets – Designed for use in a climatic chamber, very low friction for low influence on the measurement results

The development & design in mechanical engineering is most successful, when the development systematics in use captures all determining factors and takes them into account accurately during all project phases. Important parts of this methodology, which M.TEC uses as a mechanical engineering service provider, are a full project management, the design systematics, techniques for creative engineering and the continuous safeguarding by simulation & calculation. That way, M.TEC develops robust and innovative solutions in mechanical engineering and special machine construction, especially in the field of process and production plants.

Special machine engineering - reliable, innovative, autonomous

When designing mechanical engineering solutions on behalf of customers, M.TEC's engineers see themselves as committed developers and long-term partners. As a design engineering office, we also act largely independently, if desired. In doing so, we act in a forward-looking and entrepreneurial manner, alsways considering the interests of our customers. This is the real added value that M.TEC offers its customers beyond technically excellent solutions. Projects in mechanical engineering design include, for example:

  • Design machines from scratch or re-design and extend
  • Examine test procedures
  • Improve sub-processes
  • Increase output rate
  • Introduce new technologies/processes
  • Implement design changes
  • Analysis of possibilities for cost reduction / cost saving
  • Troubleshooting: Find quick solutions to urgent problems

Mechanical engineering design office – core areas of M.TEC

Process engineering

Processes are subject to numerous physical influences that affect a mechanical engineering design. Therefore, M.TEC focusses on the complete recording and analysis of all influencing variables in order to be able to develop robust concepts in process engineering.

Clean room technology, vacuum technology

In vacuum technology and clean room technology, the avoidance of particles is paramount for process reliability, especially in complex motion sequences. This is a regular task in mechanical engineering projects at M.TEC.

In the case of vacuum chambers, the focus is on a design with the lowest possible material usage in order to optimize costs. This can be achieved with the targeted use of simulations. In a vacuum, thermal and fluidic influences can also be simulated, for example for the design of cooling systems in a vacuum.

Mechanical engineering in the medical sector

M.TEC's engineers are familiar with the challenges of developing medical technology products through our numerous projects as a development service provider in medical technology.

For mechanical engineering developments in medical technology, we incorporate the necessary procedures for the medical technology industry, such as the high requirements for documentation.

Testing devices

M.TEC develops and designs test stands, manual assembly stations, inspection and testing devices as well as fixtures for assembly aids. Additionally, M.TEC's engineers provide support in the preparation of operating and maintenance instructions as well as specifications for test setups.

Special modules for assembly systems

M.TEC uses various 3D CAD tools for the design of complex motion sequences and, if required, multi-body simulation, an important simulation tool for resolving complex kinematic problems.

Simulations in mechanical engineering - in-house simulation department at M.TEC

Simulation & calculation is an efficient engineering tool in mechanical engineering, if used correctly by the design office. For your mechanical engineering projects, M.TEC's in-house calculation department provides simulations of the highest quality, with the following benefits:

  • Detect unexpected physical effects in advance
  • Correctly design thermal influences in the manufacturing process
  • Correctly design fluidic functionalities
  • Exclude negative dynamic effects from an early stage on
  • Revealing the cause of a problem in a transparent way

Mechanical Engineering

Special machine construction solution Robot transfer in the clean room

Robot transfer in the clean room (Mechanical engineering design from M.TEC)

Holder for robots with non-contact drive - low-particle motion sequences for cleanroom use

Special machine construction solution in high vacuum

High vacuum maintenance unit (Mechanical engineering design from M.TEC)

Lifting and positioning table for the maintenance of wearing parts in the process sequence of a high vacuum system

Special machine construction solution shear frame

Shear frame organic sheet testing (Mechanical engineering design from M.TEC)

Device for testing shear forces on organic sheets - designed for use in a climatic chamber, particularly low friction for low influence on the measurement results

ISO 9001-Certification by TÜV Süd

ISO9001 certification for M.TEC

The ISO9001 certification is proof of the excellent services provided by the mechanical engineering company M.TEC.
Further information on ISO9001-Zertifizierung

Schloss als Symbol für hohe Sicherheitsstandards

Highest information security and confidentiality at M.TEC

M.TEC works for its customers according to the highest standards of information security and confidentiality, as demonstrated by its ISO9001 certification and its participation in the TISAX procedure participation in the TISAX procedure.

As a mechanical engineering firm, M.TEC develops high-quality solutions in specialized machine construction. In close coordination with the customer, M.TEC engineers develop concepts that are evaluated using risk analyses. Based on this, M.TEC designs well-thought-out mechanical engineering constructions and efficient mechanical solutions.

The focus, depending on customer requirements, is on high performance of machines and specialized machinery, long service life, low maintenance needs, the capability for expansion, and the economical manufacturing of the machine construction. The engineering firm M.TEC offers its customers extensive physical and process engineering expertise, state-of-the-art development tools, extensive experience in specialized machine construction, and a high commitment to customer goals.

Are you looking for an engineering firm for excellent mechanical engineering solutions?

The demands on mechanical engineering are likely increasing in your market as well:

  • higher output rates,
  • increased cost pressure,
  • shorter development times

– just to name a few. At the same time, are your resources tied up in day-to-day operations?

Support from an external engineering firm can relieve you in your mechanical engineering developments. Do you find the management and coordination too time-consuming? The engineers at M.TEC have extensive experience in developing solutions in specialized machine construction autonomously while always acting from the customer's perspective, ensuring that your coordination effort remains minimal.

Engineering Services by M.TEC

The engineering firm M.TEC offers you high-quality development services for excellent mechanical engineering solutions. We operate according to an ISO9001-certified development process that has often proven to be a guarantee for a stable project course. The engineers at M.TEC cover all development disciplines for mechanical engineering in-house and are supported by our in-house simulation team with high-quality calculations.

As a mechanical engineering firm, we work with passion and system towards the best construction solution. We view and master challenges as an engineering service provider completely in the interest of the customer. For this purpose, we have built up a broad spectrum of knowledge and equipment, which we use in a tailored manner. Thus, as an engineering firm, we develop mechanical engineering solutions individually and efficiently, having done so for over 30 years. We offer you, among other things:

  • Development and further development of machines
  • Improvement of sub-processes in existing machines
  • Analysis of testing procedures
  • Increase in the output rate of existing machines
  • Identification, analysis, and introduction of new, innovative technologies and methods in mechanical engineering
  • Implementation of design changes
  • Analyses of cost reduction opportunities / cost-saving for machines
  • Troubleshooting: Quick solutions for acute problems in mechanical engineering

… and support with any project you might have in specialized machine construction – contact us!

Reference Projects in Mechanical Engineering, Specialized Machine Construction

  • Vacuum Technology: Wafer Manufacturing Handling
  • Vacuum Chamber: Functional Processes in OLED Production
  • High Vacuum/Cleanroom: Maintenance Unit for Wear Part Replacement
  • Cleanroom Application: Service Tool
  • Cleanroom Technology: Development of Robot Transfer
  • Vehicle and Engine Test Stands: Development
  • Battery Assembly Unit: Development of a Spot Welding Plant
  • Additional Module for Integration into Existing Assembly Plant: Development
  • Packaging Plant: Conceptualization of an Additional Module
  • Packaging Machine: Cost-Saving Projects
  • Torque Testing Device: Development
  • Validation of Complex Assembly Steps Using Manual Assembly Stations

Reference Projects in Production Facilities; Development, Troubleshooting

  • Cost Analysis/Conceptualization of Additional Module for Consumer Product
  • Analysis and Improvement of Process Engineering Production Plant Regarding Fluid
  • Dynamics
  • Analysis of Packaging Plants for Efficiency Improvement
  • Analysis of Filling Plant to Define Nozzle Geometry
  • Joining Problem/Increased Scrap Rate After Material Change; Analysis and
  • Troubleshooting
  • Duplicated, Modified Assembly Plant in Medical Technology: Failure to Achieve
  • Efficiency/Increased Scrap Rate; Analysis and Problem Solving
  • Analysis of Pseudo Scrap: End-of-Line Testing, Internal Measurements in an Assembly Plant

Mechanical Engineering Focus Areas and Fields of Work at M.TEC

Process Engineering
Processes are subject to numerous physical influences that impact mechanical engineering designs. In the field of process engineering at M.TEC, the primary focus is on the complete capture and analysis of all influencing factors to develop robust concepts.

Cleanroom and Vacuum Technology
In mechanical engineering, particle prevention for process safety is paramount in vacuum and cleanroom technology, even with complex motion sequences. This is a regular task in mechanical engineering projects at M.TEC.

For vacuum chambers, the design with the minimal possible material usage is prioritized for cost optimization. This can be achieved through targeted use of simulations. In a vacuum, thermal and fluid dynamics influences can also be simulated, for example, for designing cooling systems in a vacuum.

Medical Device Mechanical Engineering
The challenges in developing medical technology products are familiar to the engineers at M.TEC from numerous projects as a development service provider in the medical sector.

In mechanical engineering developments for medical technology, we incorporate necessary procedures for the medical technology industry, such as high documentation requirements.

Testing and Inspection Devices
M.TEC develops and constructs, among other things, test stands, manual assembly stations, testing and inspection devices, and fixtures for assembly aids. In addition, M.TEC engineers assist in the creation of operational and maintenance manuals and specifications for experimental setups.

Special Modules for Assembly Plants
For designing complex motion sequences in special modules for assembly plants, M.TEC uses various 3D-CAD tools. When needed, our mechanical engineers utilize the in-house provided multibody simulation, an important tool for resolving complex kinematic problems.

Holistic Engineering – How the Engineering Firm M.TEC Operates in Mechanical Engineering

Physics, Design, Economics in Harmony
The engineers at M.TEC consider all levels in mechanical engineering: from physical principles to design questions to economic viability. In this way, M.TEC develops requirement-appropriate, cost-efficient solutions in mechanical and specialized machine engineering.

Analytics and Process Knowledge for Systematic Idea Generation
In all customer projects, the development experts at M.TEC proceed analytically within our development process, utilizing their extensive process knowledge and development expertise. M.TEC offers you a valuable combination for your project including:

  • Systematic idea generation,
  • Creative engineering,
  • Know-how in production technology, machinery directives, standards, and ergonomics, and
  • Targeted process simulations for validation

Development Synergies at M.TEC

As a broadly positioned engineering firm in mechanical engineering, M.TEC offers a variety of engineering synergies in-house, including:

  • Simulation technology / CAE services
  • Design technology
  • Process engineering
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Tooling technology
  • Fluid dynamics technology
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