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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) encompasses various engineering tasks on the product and in manufacturing processes throughout the product lifecycle. It begins with the product qualification phase and the start of production. During the subsequent sales phase in the market, engineering work on the product ranges from design adjustments and functional enhancements and optimizations to cost savings. In terms of processes, regular tasks include tool replacement procurement and tool qualification, as well as possible troubleshootings to keep production efficient and stable. M.TEC offers you all engineering services in Product Lifecycle Management.

Are you looking for engineering support in Product Lifecycle Management?

Recurring tasks in Product Lifecycle Management can tie up resources that you might need elsewhere, such as in the design of new products or processes. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource PLM services. At M.TEC, you will find comprehensive engineering know-how and a high level of commitment, enabling us to optimally support your products in the market. In implementation, M.TEC engineers adhere to your standards and can also carry out all work in your systems if necessary.

M.TEC – PLM Experts for Product and Process

M.TEC supports you with all the engineering tasks involved in mass production of demanding products and devices. This transition area between product and process is particularly critical in terms of product quality and process stability.

For many years, M.TEC has worked as an engineering service provider in Product Lifecycle Management for international corporations with renowned brands, such as in the field of electrical appliances and personal care devices. Therefore, M.TEC engineers have extensive experience in this area and always work with proven methods. They also act with foresight in the interest of the customer—a real added value for M.TEC's clients. A particular focus in the area of Product Lifecycle Management at M.TEC is on plastics and tool technology.

Product Lifecycle Management in Mass Production – M.TEC Services

M.TEC offers you engineering services in managing mass production products, including:

  • Management of ongoing products, from drawing changes to tool replacement procurement
  • Regular re-validation of sensitive system properties
  • Management of capacity increases
  • Ensuring global compatibility between production sites
  • Support for site transfers during mass production (production relocation)
  • Verification of cross-compatibility, e.g., for Multi Cavity Tools
  • Review of existing designs for improving error tolerance
  • Cost Savings for Your Products – Typical Project Flow

M.TEC engineers assist you in evaluating existing products for cost-saving potential and systematically implementing ideas for ongoing production.

  • Development of cost-reduction concepts
  • Evaluation of ideas with utility analyses
  • Detailed design of the solution in 3D-CAD
  • Calculation of the savings potential
  • Creation of functional prototypes
  • Validation of concepts
  • Inquiry and procurement of components and equipment
  • Implementation & qualification in the production process
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