TISAX assessment result

For M.TEC, a TISAX assessment result is available in the ENX portal (TISAX assessment results are not intended for the public)

ISO 9001-Certification by TÜV Süd

ISO9001 certification for M.TEC

The ISO9001 certification is proof of the consistently high quality level of M.TEC's engineering services.
Further information on ISO9001-Zertifizierung

Automotive interior support structure Project example Automotive

A support structure for the vehicle interior (hybrid component) was optimized by M.TEC for BMW AG - results:

  • Component distortion greatly reduced
  • 80% shorter sampling time
  • Material and energy consumption greatly reduced
  • Elimination of tool changes

The optimized component received an award at the SPE Automotive Award 2021

E-Mobility Bus Bar Project example Automotive

Extremely stressed hybrid component with the highest safety requirements - powerful, compact, safe, precise, robust

Automotive high-voltage storage housings / battery housings

High-voltage storage housing / battery housing Project example Automotive

Complex development goals and aspects: High energy density, low weight with high rigidity, subject to strong thermal fluctuations - Efficient, lightweight, crash-proof, tight, suitable for large-scale production, robust

As a development service provider in the automotive sector, M.TEC develops components and parts according to IATF16949 in the areas of interior, exterior, engine compartment, and high-voltage components for e-mobility. The main focuses of development are in mechanics, plastics technology, fluid dynamics, and light integration. Additionally, sustainability aspects play an important role, such as the use of sustainable materials. To ensure reliability, M.TEC engineers use state-of-the-art simulation software up to AI-based development tools from the in-house CAE team. M.TEC is ISO9001 certified, and the results of a TISAX assessment are available on the ENX portal.

Are you looking for a development service provider that works with high quality, cost efficiency, and strong innovation?

Do you rely on reliable development service providers for your automotive projects, who can deliver quick and flexible effective solutions? Are competence, reliability, cost efficiency, and impulses for new technologies and processes important to you in collaboration? Do you award service packages for clearly defined subtasks, special issues, and as part of a long-term partnership also for larger projects? Do your external work packages also include quality management issues and, if necessary, quick and targeted troubleshooting?

M.TEC fully meets these requirements and offers you a comprehensive engineering portfolio for products and processes in the automotive sector.

Engineering Services for the Automotive Industry – M.TEC from Aachen

The engineers from M.TEC in Aachen have been working since 1991 for well-known clients in the automotive sector, from OEMs to Tier3 suppliers. M.TEC consistently delivers quality in engineering and develops innovative and economical solutions with often minimal training time. Additionally, we have been quickly and effectively implementing troubleshooting processes with a special systematic approach and the right analysis tools for decades. Further services of our engineering experts for the automotive industry include:

  • Quality Advance Planning (QAP)
  • Creation of control plans
  • Initial sample inspection reports, Production Part Approval Processes
  • Development of cost reduction processes and Continuous Improvement Processes (CIP)

Our clients benefit from a variety of aspects:

  • TISAX assessment results accessible on the ENX portal
  • ISO9001 certification
  • Highly trained engineers in flexible project teams
  • Comprehensive development, materials, and process expertise under one roof
  • M.TEC’s proprietary development methodology
  • Innovation-driven, in-house department for simulation and calculation
  • M.TEC internal knowledge transfer from other industries
  • Developers' experience in the automotive sector since 1991
  • High-voltage components for e-mobility

For OEMs and suppliers, M.TEC develops electromechanical components for e-mobility such as high-voltage storage housings/battery casings, high-voltage busbars, and connectors.

Components for Vehicle Interiors

M.TEC develops interior components, focusing not only on functionality but also on design, ergonomics, feel, and assembly and production aspects. Key areas of M.TEC's work include air conditioning and light integration.

Body and Exterior Components

M.TEC engineers develop exterior components, often made from plastics or as plastic/metal hybrid components. Besides meeting the requirements of vehicle designers, the development of these exterior components focuses on functional aspects and questions around efficient production and safe assembly.

Engine Compartment/Combustion Engine Components

The component development for combustion engines at M.TEC includes air filtration systems, engine cooling systems, cylinder head covers, and turbochargers. Additionally, M.TEC engineers provide solutions in areas of noise reduction, air conditioning, and seal design.

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