M.TEC develops electromechanical components for e-mobility for OEMs and suppliers. With the material and process know-how of its engineers and the unique development system, M.TEC designs parts and components that are robust, innovative and economical.

Battery housing

Intelligent, robust battery housing with maximum protection and minimum weight ...

High-voltage busbar

Safe electrical conduction of energy over the entire service life ...

Precision Connectors

Reliable contacting, high load capacity and robust, efficient production ...

Engineering expertise for e-mobility

Development system

Systematically achieving product success - even in the case of of complex, contradictory requirements. M.TEC succeeds in this with specially developed solution methods and design systematics.

Simulation & Calculation

M.TEC calculates the physical behavior of products, components and assemblies right from the initial concept. This is what makes our development processes so efficient.

Plastic-compatible design

M.TEC is a pioneer and specialist in product development with engineering plastics. Our engineers include the processing procedures and tooling technology in every phase.

Tool technology

Process safety is the main focus. Even the component concepts of M.TEC take this into account, based on our know-how in tooling technology.

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