Light Simulation

The simulation of light, light guides and their design and optimization is one of the regular tasks that M.TEC's experts solve for customers within the scope of product development. The earlier the integration of light is considered in a concept, the better the chances for a good lighting result. However, M.TEC offers equally fast, targeted support and problem solving in the event of unsatisfactory lighting results.

Light simulation as a development tool

Initially, lighting simulation as such is merely a development tool for checking concepts, regardless of whether these are examined in advance at the beginning of the project or whether it is a matter of a technical lighting troubleshooting. In other words, the simulation of light guides alone does not automatically pave the way to a problem-free lighting solution. This requires the entire engineering know-how from plastics technology product development, as offered by M.TEC to its customers.

Light simulation: beam tracing, brightness distribution, checking homogeneity

The aim is to improve the brightness and/or the homogeneity of an illuminated surface by redesigning involved elements (LED, light guides, reflectors) with regard to their photometric properties in order to achieve the requirements and specifications of the illumination.

Data required for the light simulation

The following data or information is required to carry out a lighting simulation in the project or to optimize a lighting system:

  • CAD data of all light-relevant components
  • Description and parameters for installation space and design freedom
  • Information on materials, surfaces and their photometric properties (if not available, parameters are assumed by us)
  • Information on light sources (type, number, positioning, ray data) - alternatively, we will select a replacement light source
  • Specification / illumination target (brightness, brightness gradation/homogeneity, viewing angle, angle of departure)

Our calculation tool for your lighting simulation

We calculate the propagation of light within your CAD data with the software solution LightTools by Synopsys®.

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