Metal Forming Simulation

Components made from sheet metal are usually produced by deep drawing or by punching/bending processes. The realization of the component geometries depends on the degree of forming and the complexity of the geometry.

Service Provider for Simulation/Calculation Metal Forming

In order to ensure at an early stage of development that the component geometry can be produced, the forming processes should be simulated during development. Furthermore, the mechanical properties of the components are influenced by the manufacturing process. As a possible conseqence, the manufacturing process can result in different wall thicknesses, depending on the degree of forming, and the material properties may change.

M.TEC CAE has developed its own method in order to always ensure manufacturability while also taking into account the wall thicknesses resulting from production and the work hardening of the material in the mechanical simulation of the components.

Services Metal Forming Simulation

  • Deep drawing calculation
  • Simulation of the stamping / bending process
  • Determination of degrees of deformation
  • Consideration of work hardening
  • Determination of the resulting wall thicknesses
Example simulation: Beading of a socket contact
Video: Example simulation: Beading of a socket contact
Bending simulation of a socket contact
Video: Bending simulation of a socket contact
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