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In the development of products, technical systems, and production tools, prototypes are used to check the functionality and usability of a developed construction. Through the targeted use of prototypes, corrections can be implemented in a timely manner during the project, for example, before starting the costly manufacturing of production tools. Different types of conventional prototypes are distinguished for various purposes: design prototype, concept prototype, geometric prototype, and functional prototype. Additionally, modern simulation methods offer the possibility to include digital prototypes in the development process.

Are you looking for experts in prototype development?

You want to ensure that a product design or construction meets usability requirements. You can achieve this with prototypes. However, you face various types of prototypes and manufacturing processes, and you are aware that a prototype is developed and manufactured differently depending on the issue to be tested. If you want the development of prototypes to be accompanied or carried out by experienced development engineers, M.TEC has your back.

Prototyping and functional models – Services by M.TEC

Working with prototypes is a regular task for M.TEC engineers for over 30 years. This expertise in the critical area of realizing products is a great added value for M.TEC's customers. Our services include:

  • Planning and project management for prototypes and prototype series
  • Development and design of functional models and prototypes
  • Definition and inquiry of suitable manufacturing processes and manufacturers
  • Procurement, assembly and delivery of prototype series
  • Testing of prototypes according to requirements
  • Coordination of testing of new measuring and production equipment

Prototypes and functional models according to intended use

Exemplary manufacturing processes for individual prototypes

Rapid tooling for prototypes in higher quantities

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