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In concept development, technical solutions for the requirements defined in the specifications are developed. Risk analyses (FMEAs) are used to examine their suitability. In this way, overall concepts are created on a reliable evaluation basis, which in turn can be simulated and validated. The final result of the concept development is a concept that fulfills the development goals within the boundary conditions in the best possible way.

Are you looking for support in concept development?

You want to transform your product idea into a successful product. However, the number of areas and aspects to consider is vast, and you're unsure whether you have considered everything? Perhaps you find it challenging to assign the correct significance to individual points?

Technology, deadlines, costs, sustainability, marketing, consumer acceptance—these are just a few of the fundamental elements in concept development. Correctly capturing and categorizing them can significantly increase the complexity depending on the product idea. If you are seeking support for this comprehensive, vitally important work, then M.TEC is the right partner for you.

Systematic Concept Development and Validation by M.TEC

M.TEC offers high-quality services for concept development that encompass all aspects of developing and optimizing your concept. Continuous risk assessment provides you with security in evaluating and selecting different solutions. In recent years, sustainability issues, especially circular economy concepts, have gained importance. M.TEC comprehensively covers this area with the M.SCOUT service packages.

M.TEC conducts concept development using its own, cross-market development methodology. Our development engineers thus consider all individual aspects from the product and project areas.

Added value for M.TEC clients: Continuous, early validation of your concept through simulations

From the concept development stage, M.TEC uses simulations to check all aspects of functionality, durability, and manufacturability to identify and eliminate conceptual weaknesses early on. Thanks to our in-house calculation department, M.TEC development engineers always have immediate access to simulation services of the highest quality. This is a frequently underestimated success factor in minimizing project risks.

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