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In engineering future-ready products, sustainability, economic viability, and innovation are crucial themes that are inextricably intertwined. This greatly increases the complexity of current development activities. The traditional method evaluates many individual aspects sequentially and assesses simulations one after another. M.TEC utilizes an AI-integrated development method to achieve economical and sustainable products. This state-of-the-art method evaluates sensitive parameters simultaneously, allowing complexities to be better managed as the AI sorts through the data. The in-house developed process is not a licensed product but is customized for specific development goals during projects. It offers not only tremendous potential but also creates a lever for product success, particularly through the use of AI-integrated engineering methods to gain competitive advantages.

What benefits arise from the AI-integrated development process?

M.TEC enables the pursuit of multiple conflicting development objectives simultaneously using simulation-supported engineering methods under given parameters. Typical configurations include:

  • High stiffness & low weight
  • Short cycle time & highest process stability
  • High reliability & low material usage
  • Low manufacturing costs & long lifespan

Focuses can be set to achieve individual goals depending on project requirements.

Benefits of AI-supported development at a glance:

For complex issues with conflicting development goals, the following benefits are realized for product development:

  • More predictable and faster development and improved outcomes
  • Maximum product quality and enhanced process reliability
  • Minimization of risks during development and production ramp-up phases
  • Acceleration of Time-to-Market and early product launch
  • Reduction of resources and development costs

Implementing an AI-integrated optimization process results in achieving the "Physical Optimum" in product properties.

Especially in new developments, this method offers the greatest potential for enhancing quality and efficiency levels.

AI-integrated development method for realizing economical and sustainable products by M.TEC:

Revolutionize your product and process engineering with AI and replace traditional development methods, which are increasingly reaching their limits due to the diverse heightened requirements. M.TEC supports you!

In the engineering of products and processes, this is especially true for:

  • Representation of the physics of a component and its process in digital prototypes
  • Predictability of physical interactions
  • Balancing of product properties with conflicting development goals
  • Reduction of resource use (material, energy, time) throughout the entire product development process
  • Implementation of sustainability aspects (lifespan, efficiency, materials)

Especially in the face of complex challenges, these innovative AI-integrated development methods quickly open up new avenues for much higher qualities of both products and processes.

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