Moldflow Analysis

Moldflow Analyse zur Untersuchung Ihres Spritzguss-Bauteils und des Werkzeugs vom Dienstleister für Moldflow Simulation, M.TEC. Die Experten für Kunststoffe und Simulation haben weit über 1.000 Bauteile per Moldflow Analyse begutachtet. Füllung, Schwindung, Verzug & mehr, auch in schnellen Troubleshootings.

Moldflow analysis instrument panel (Engineering by M.TEC)

Moldflow analysis insert overmolding (Engineering by M.TEC)

Moldflow analysis lamp socket (Engineering by M.TEC)

A moldflow analysis examines filling, shrinkage, warpage and other aspects of the injection molding process that determine success or failure in the production of plastic parts. Even before the tool or mold is built, a moldflow analysis helps to identify and avoid potential difficulties. As an important development tool for plastic products, it provides information about weak points in the component geometry, the mould and the tool design. The moldflow simulation can be used in early development phases as well as in troubleshootings.

Moldflow analysis service provider M.TEC

As a service provider for Moldflow analyses, M.TEC uses the leading software tool in the field of injection molding, Autodesk® Moldflow® – and has been doing so since 2000 and for over a thousand analyzed plastic components. The simulation software Autodesk® Moldflow® is currently the market leader among the recognized software tools for analyzing the filling behavior of plastic components. The simulation experts at M.TEC use this software tool to support you in the analysis and design of your plastic component and mold at every point. 

What is the process of a Moldflow analysis?

  1. CAD data of your component
    You provide M.TEC with the CAD data of your component and information on the material
  2. Moldflow simulation by M.TEC
    M.TEC performs the Moldflow simulation to visualize the filling behavior of your mold
  3. Documentation and 3D representation as well as assessment by M.TEC
    M.TEC will provide you with an interpretation of the results of the Moldflow analysis. Depending on the scope of your order, M.TEC's plastics experts will also give you detailed recommendations for action. 
    You will also receive the result documentation as an MFR file. With the help of a free software tool, you can view the filling of your mold on your computer as a freely swiveling, animated 3D view. In addition, you will receive illustrations of FILL (filling), PACK (reprint) and WARP (warpage). These illustrations and the animation are contained in a Microsoft® PowerPoint® file

High-end version of Autodesk® Moldflow®

M.TEC uses the software version "Moldflow® Ultimate" with the complete functionality: mid-surface, surface/fusion and 3D. Special applications that go beyond the usual scope include

  1. Process simulation of organic sheet overmolding
    Using the DrapMold interface developed by M.TEC, the results of the drape simulation (forming of the organic sheet) are transferred to the Moldflow simulation and taken into account (more on the process simulation of overmolding organic sheet)

  2. Fiber orientation and structure simulation
    Transfer of the fiber orientation to the FEM calculation in order to be able to perform strength analyses, for example. This allows you to see how the process affects the stability of your filled component - especially important in the early design phase.

Moldflow analysis for over a thousand components

M.TECs experts for moldflow analysis have examined over a thousand components. For more than 20 years, M.TECs engineers have been analyzing plastic components of all sizes, from small medical devices to large waste containers with a shot weight of approx. 40 kg. Use this expertise for your project! We are happy to support you at every point of your development. M.TEC is also a reliable supplier of solutions in troubleshooting using Moldflow Simulation.

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