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The perfect parameter set

“Our customers have been asking for the perfect product for over 30 years. With the help of new mathematical-statistical methods, M.TEC has now created the development process with which the optimum for the functions, for the creation of the tools and the ideal parameter set for the manufacture of the product can already be determined during development.” 

Stefan Vogler
Team Leader Simulation & Calculation, M.TEC ENGINEERING GmbH

In modern product development, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a central role in optimizing processes and products. The integration of AI methods allows for a significant increase in economic efficiency and marketability. Through advanced algorithms and data analysis, companies can shorten development cycles, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their products. M.TEC's AI system identifies the optimal set of parameters, which cannot be determined by a human planner, for your product development. In one go, existing processes and products can be made more efficient, cheaper, and faster. These technological advancements are crucial not only for increasing efficiency but also for competitiveness in a rapidly changing market environment. Our advanced M.OPT methodology, which combines multiphysics simulation with artificial intelligence, allows us to unify efficiency, sustainability, and economic viability: For the future of your product development.

AI Optimization Solutions for Your Needs

Our AI-based methods are designed to achieve development goals such as weight reduction, improvement of mechanical properties, and optimization of manufacturing processes. Practical examples, like the development of an electric motor with a thermoplastic rotor, demonstrate that the use of our M.OPT technology has achieved improvements in all physical properties (efficiency, torque behavior, mechanical stress, warpage, lifespan, etc.) with a 17% reduction in weight.

How can AI optimize your development, process, or product? What specific challenges in your project can be addressed by our AI solutions? At M.TEC Engineering, we understand that integrating AI into product development raises many questions, and we proactively offer solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our experts have extensive experience in applying AI technologies and specialize in effectively tackling complex challenges. M.TEC is your partner who not only asks questions but also provides concrete, measurable answers tailored to your individual requirements.

The Optimum as a Computable Quantity – Our Services:

M.TEC offers a wide range of services, from initial concept development through detailed simulation to final implementation. Our services include:

  • Multiphysics Simulation: Integration of various physical disciplines in a single simulation process.
  • AI-based Optimization: Adjustment of process and geometry parameters to minimize material and energy usage.
  • AI-based Warpage Optimization: Specifically developed to reduce the warpage of plastic components, leading to a significant reduction in the time required for initial samples.
  • Consulting and Implementation: Support in the introduction of AI technologies into existing production processes.

M.OPT Design - AI-based Product Development

M.OPT design is an AI-based development method for complex products that performs optimization across multiple, weighted development goals simultaneously. This innovative multiphysics optimization can achieve significantly higher product qualities than previous development methods.

Multiphysics Optimization for Conflicting Development Goals

Optimizing for multiple requirements simultaneously is particularly challenging and complex, especially when the development goals are contradictory. Typical scenarios include:

  • High stiffness & low weight
  • Short cycle time & highest process stability
  • High reliability & low material use
  • Low manufacturing costs & long lifespan

The Added Value of M.OPT Design:

  • Provides the best possible dataset for defined project requirements
  • Finds the optimal balance among conflicting goals
  • Manages high complexities in parallel development specifications in the shortest time
  • Identifies sensitive parameters, i.e., parameters with significant impact on the outcome

M.OPT Warpage – AI-based Warpage Optimization

M.OPT warpage is a revolutionary new AI-based optimization method developed by M.TEC engineers with over 30 years of experience in simulating plastic components and processes:

  • Optimization method that includes both process parameters and geometry parameters
  • Method for identifying sensitive parameters, i.e., parameters with a significant influence on warpage behavior
  • Custom process for a component and its process
  • Additionally leads to potentially much shorter initial sampling times

What is the Outcome for Clients?

  • The parameter set for the minimal possible warpage within the given constraints
  • Time savings and cost reduction: Tool grinding becomes very unlikely, initial sampling times are significantly shortened
  • Sensitivities are identified – parameters other than these relevant ones can be exempted from monitoring
  • Increased robustness of the process
  • Competitive advantage
  • Basis for further optimizations – new results with variation of parameters practically in real-time

Optimize your products and processes using M.TEC's AI knowledge

M.TEC Engineering is at the forefront of AI-based product development and optimization. By applying our advanced M.OPT methodology, we offer our clients customized solutions that not only overcome technical challenges but also provide significant economic and ecological benefits. Contact us to find out how our AI-based development processes can revolutionize your next project.

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