Elektrische Zahnbürste, Elektrorasierer als Beispiel für die Produktentwicklung von Elektrogeräten

Elektrische Premium-Körperpflegeprodukte Beispiel-Produktentwicklung

Emotionale Designprodukte mit teils weltweiter Produktion an verschiedenen Standorten – Aspekte in der Produktentwicklung: Hochwertig, dauerhaft hohe Performance, langlebig, Sturzsicher, wasserdicht, robust, High End-Mehrkomponentenspritzgießen

Strömungsführung in einem Wäschetrockner als Beispiel für Elektrogeräte-Produktentwicklung

Wäschetrockner Beispiel-Produktentwicklung

Simulative Untersuchung der Strömungsführung in einem Wäschetrockner im Hinblick auf Wirkungsgrad und Akustikemission

Leuchtring in einer Waschmaschinentür als Beispiel für Elektrogeräte-Produktentwicklung

Lichtintegration Waschmaschinentür Beispiel-Produktentwicklung

Integration eines umlaufenden Lichtlelements in eine Waschmaschinentür – Emotional, blickwinkelunabhängig, kosteneffizient, homogene Ausleuchtung

Strömungsführung in einer Staubsaugerdüse als Beispiel für Elektrogeräte-Produktentwicklung

Staubsaugerdüse Beispiel-Produktentwicklung

Simulative Untersuchung des Strömungsverlaufs in einer Stabsaugerdüse unter den Gesichtspunkten Wirkungsgrad und Akustikemission

Mobilfunkpager als Beispiel für Elektrogeräte-Produktentwicklung

Mobilfunkpager Beispiel-Produktentwicklung

Mechanikentwicklung – Mechatronisches Produkt für extreme Betriebsbedingungen mit höchster Ausfallsicherheit – Sturzsicher, leicht, empfangsstark, ausdauernd, wasserdicht, langlebig

In the development of electrical appliances, optimal usability and cost efficiency are key focuses. High energy efficiency is also important during operation. Durability and robustness are additional selling points. For future-oriented products, safe maintenance, good repairability, and smooth recycling are also essential. These sometimes contradictory development goals are countered by high cost and competitive pressures. The product developers at M.TEC assist their clients in resolving these contradictions and developing economical, sustainably successful electrical appliances.

Are you looking for a service provider for the development of electrical appliances?

Do you need an external development service provider that possesses all the necessary skills and development tools to both implement development projects and manage and optimize processes? Should these external developers also be able to drive technical innovations for you, such as using novel optimization methods, employing environmentally friendly materials, or integrating lighting into your product design? M.TEC offers you these engineering capabilities and over three decades of experience in product development.

Development Services for Electrical Appliances from M.TEC – Expertise and System

As a customer of M.TEC, you benefit from our engineering capabilities in both product and process sides. For our clients, we develop electrical appliances such as:

  • Personal care devices, cosmetic devices
  • Laundry care devices
  • Household cleaning devices
  • Telecommunication devices
  • Kitchen appliances, small kitchen devices

Development Competencies for Electrical Appliances – Service Provider M.TEC

M.TEC offers you comprehensive services in the product development of electrical appliances, covering the entire development process: From project management through concept development, design, layout, construction, simulation, prototyping, and testing, to supporting the industrialization of products and ongoing series support. In this process, M.TEC’s development experts bring their skills in structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, acoustics, and extensive material and process knowledge to every point of product development.

Enhancement and Function Expansion with Light

Additionally, our expertise in fiber optic development and the integration of light into electrical appliances is a significant advantage for our clients. M.TEC supports you in integrating both functional lighting and implementing design-oriented enhancements with light elements.

Product Development for Personal Care and Cosmetic Devices

Devices for daily personal care and cosmetics are subject to high functional, aesthetic, and mechanical quality demands. Whether it's cosmetic-related products like hair dryers, curling irons, or electric shavers, or care products and devices such as toothbrushes or epilators, aspects such as usability, ergonomics, and design are paramount.

As a development service provider in the field of personal care devices, M.TEC has been very successful for years working for large, international corporations with renowned brands. This makes M.TEC an ideal engineering partner for the product development of cosmetic and personal care devices.

Examples of Product Development for Personal Care and Cosmetic Devices:

  • Electric toothbrushes, toothbrushes
  • Electric shavers, razors
  • Epilators
  • Hair dryers
  • Therapy devices

Product Development for Laundry Care Appliances

In the field of laundry care and home appliances, product development primarily focuses on high energy efficiency, optimal user comfort, appealing design, and cost-efficient production. Key themes in product development for the engineers at M.TEC include:

  • Optimization of efficiency (e.g., through optimized flow guidance)
  • Acoustic optimization (e.g., reduction of flow-induced noise)
  • Reduction of vibrations (e.g., during the spin cycle of washing machines)
  • Optimal handling for the end consumer
  • Appealing design for market positioning, including integration of lighting elements
  • Economically efficient production
  • Maintainability, repairability, recyclability/recycling capability

Additionally, functional aspects are important that allow consumers to clean the household appliances easily and quickly.

Development Examples for Laundry Care Appliances:

  • Washing machines
  • Clothes dryers/condenser dryers/heat pump dryers
  • Ironing stations

Product development Household appliance cleaning

Cleaning appliances for domestic use should be easy to use and work reliably. A modern design and an attractive price play a major role in the purchasing decision. As experienced product developers, the engineers at M.TEC resolve these sometimes conflicting requirements in the product development process. Important aspects in the product development of household appliances for cleaning include: 

  • Optimum performance (e.g. suction power, pressure performance or volume flow for vacuum cleaners, etc.)
  • High energy efficiency (low power consumption, long battery life),
  • Optimal operability (low weight, good handling),
  • High mechanical resilience/stability,
  • Options for cleaning the appliance
  • Pleasant acoustics, 
  • Reduced vibrations.
  • Development examples of cleaning appliances
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Floor nozzles/vacuum cleaner nozzles
  • Dust filters
  • Steam cleaners
  • Ultrasonic cleaners

Product development of telecommunications devices

The greatest challenge in the product development of telecommunication end devices and corresponding accessories is to reconcile the high technical requirements with economic efficiency - usually in a minimal installation space. Technical aspects include:

  • Functional fulfillment,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Mechanical robustness,
  • Cost-efficient production,
  • Reparability and expandability and
  • Recyclability at the end of product life
  • Product examples Telecommunications devices & peripherals
  • Landline telephones for private use
  • System telephones for professional use
  • Mobile pagers
  • Mobile phone accessories and telephone accessories (e.g. charging cradles and cell phone holders for the automotive sector)

Product development kitchen appliances

Above all, kitchen appliances must be reliable, pleasant to use, easy to clean and functional. The product developers at M.TEC combine these requirements for ergonomics and an appealing design with technical aspects such as energy efficiency, durability, robustness, repairability and cost-effective production.

  • Product examples kitchen appliances
  • Dishwashers, including interior lighting
  • Refrigerators
  • Extractor hoods, fume extractors
  • Small electrical appliances: coffee machines, food processors
  • Water bubblers

M.TEC customers benefit from our engineering capabilities in product development and our many years of development experience in the field of electrical and electronic consumer products. M.TEC's engineers work from the product definition phase through to the successful start of series production and also support customers in follow-up projects on product updates and optimization issues - on the product side as well as on the production processes and equipment.

Product development of electromechanical consumer products

Current demands on the electronics market are especially the continuing miniaturization, competitive pressure, the integration of electronics also in conventional mechanical systems as well as increasing demands on the quality and durability of products. Furthermore, electronic components should be safe, compact, multifunctional and variable in form and function. Their suitability for easy and safe maintenance and repair as well as for smooth recycling are gaining additional importance. Numerous classic, purely mechanical systems will be replaced by electronic high-tech solutions in the long run.

Plastics engineering for large-scale production

Plastics meet the high requirements in this mechanically and technically demanding area very well and are indispensable in industrial technology, especially in large-scale production. Certain properties of plastics, such as temperature and weather resistance, are very beneficial to electronic products. 
Due to the constant technical progress, this market is of particular importance for M.TEC. With M.TEC, you have a specialist for plastics-technical product development at your side, who has a large, well-founded knowledge of processing techniques and special processes in the field of plastics. We have demonstrated this expertise in numerous projects for well-known customers in the electrical appliance sector.

Complete engineering know-how for electrical appliances at M.TEC

Our services in the plastics technology development of electrical appliances range from design, construction, simulation & calculation to professional project management throughout the entire development process. In addition, our specialisation in the development of light guides in the electronics industry is of central importance.

Products: Electronic devices

  • Personal care devices
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Laundry care equipment
  • Kitchen appliances and small kitchen equipment
  • Cleaning equipment for the household


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