Telecommunication devices & equipment

Mobile pager (Engineering by M.TEC)

Challenging and in parts contradictory design goals implemented – high reception, long battery life, light, drop-proof, waterproof, fail-safe, durable

M.TEC is a competent and experienced engineering service provider for the product development of equipment and accessories in the field of telecommunications. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of services: product development from the idea to the production-ready product.

Product development for telecommunication devices

Design plays a decisive role in the market success of telecommunication devices due to the abundance of comparable offers. The challenge in the technical development of the devices is to combine these high design standards with the complex technical requirements such as

  • Function fulfillment
  • Mechanical robustness and
  • Economical production

within the project timeframe – in most cases, using minimal installation space of the device.

This requires a systematically applied development process, which M.TEC has mastered after almost 30 years of product development. 

In addition to our focus on plastics technology and simulation & calculation, our skills in the field of fiber optics development complement our service portfolio for our customers in the telecommunications industry in an outstanding way.

Exemplary products in telecommunications

  • Landline telephones for private use
  • System telephones for professional use
  • Smartphones, mobile phones
  • Mobile pager
  • Mobile phone accessories and telephone accessories (e.g. charging cups and mobile phone holders for the automotive sector)
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