Laundry care devices

Washing machine door lighting (Engineering by M.TEC)

Light ring of a washing machine door – Large-area lighting effect using only very few LEDs, effect independent of viewing angle, homogeneous lighting, high-quality design element

In the field of laundry care, the main objective is to develop equipment and products that are characterized by high energy efficiency, optimized ease of use, an attractive design and cost-efficient production. 

Product development of laundry care equipment

When developing household appliances for laundry care, M.TEC engineers take into account all technical and economic requirements for reliable laundry care appliances from the very beginning. In addition to achieving optimum energy efficiency (less water consumption, lower power consumption and efficient use of washing and cleaning agents), the focus is on function, ergonomics and handling. Household appliances for laundry care must be able to be harmoniously integrated into everyday life.

Our product development focuses on:

  • Acoustic optimization (e.g. reduction of flow-induced noise)
  • Reduction of vibrations (e.g. during the spin cycle of washing machines)
  • Optimal handling for the end user
  • Attractive design for positioning in the market, including the integration of lighting elements
  • Economically efficient production
  • Maintainability, reparability

In addition, functional aspects are taken into account, for example to allow for household appliances to be cleaned effortlessly.

Exemplary products in laudry care

  • Washing machines
  • Clothes dryer/condensation dryer/heat pump dryer
  • Ironing stations
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