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Circular concepts for technical products and devices pursue the approach of significantly reducing the amount of material and energy resources required in the product life cycle compared to conventional concepts with linear value creation. This applies to the use phase of the product as well as all processes in the areas of production, marketing, maintenance and repair, as well as recycling or parts recovery at the end of the product's useful life. Sustainability aspects play a dominant role in circular product concepts, unlike in conventional concepts. Circular concepts are becoming increasingly accepted by the public and are already shaping product development in many industries.

Would you like to implement circular concepts economically?

Do circular concepts already have a place in your product roadmap? The inclusion of circular parts and products contributes to the competitiveness of your portfolio and lays the foundations for the design and marketing of future product generations. However, you will also be aware that there may be differences in the development process for these products. The project goals expanded by sustainability aspects change the development work in individual areas, such as the use of sustainable materials. Please also read the handout of the M.TEC webinar "Influence of sustainable materials on the product development process".

Developing circular concepts - with the development experts from M.TEC

As product developers, we understand the importance of resource efficiency and environmental protection in modern product design and design your products of the future - sustainably, efficiently and economically.

M.TEC Engineering supports you in the implementation of these principles and the development of circular concepts in your development process. Our services integrate circular concepts into product development, which not only reduces costs through efficient and resource-saving designs and materials, but also maximizes the longevity and recyclability of products. This leads to significant savings both in the production phase and over the entire life cycle of the products. The collaboration with M.TEC results in innovative, circular products that not only strengthen the brand image and appeal to new customer segments, but also help to comply with increasingly strict environmental and sustainability regulations.

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