High voltage battery housing (Design engineering by M.TEC)

Design aspects and goals: High energy density, low weight at high stiffness, subject to strong thermal fluctuations. Simulation-intensive development (structural optimization, thermal simulation, computational fluid dynamics, crash simulation, etc.)

Automotive lightweight seat (Design engineering by M.TEC)

Design of the component geometry based on structural optimization – that way the CAD model is created, followed by wall thickness optimization and fibre layer optimization

The simulation & calculation of the physical behaviour of products, components and assemblies serves to streamline development times, reduce test series and avert bad investments - and this already in the pre-development and concept phase. M.TEC masters simulation & calculation in engineering at the highest level

Function, load, production - early validation, efficient development

In the simulation department of M.TEC, all calculation possibilities for the validation of the functions, for checking the mechanical component loads and for ensuring the manufacturability of the product during product development are combined. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers uses "best in class" simulation tools to ensure that the functions are realized and the project is completed on time, identifying potential problems early on and thus minimizing risks and making improvements to your product during the early development phase and during product development.

Troubleshooting – discovering error causes

If a problem arises with the function, component loads or manufacturing of one of your products, the interdisciplinary setup of our simulation department and the experience from several thousand projects enables us to successfully support you in troubleshooting. We take up the challenge and analyse the problem together with you on site. In doing so, we show you which simulations can be used to make the causes and their effects comprehensible. From this, we derive solutions that both fulfil the function and ensure efficient production of your products, or put the resumption of interrupted production on a safe basis.

Capacity bottlenecks - M.TEC as simulation service provider

You have the simulation competence in your own company but currently have too many projects? Use our capacities and work directly with our experts on your questions. Our almost 30 years of experience in the field of simulation, the high level of understanding of systems and the excellent physical background knowledge of our employees mean that you can involve us directly in your processes and we can relieve you of some of the workload by taking on partial tasks or complete projects. Due to our very wide range of software equipment, we are often system-compatible with them, so that you can use the simulation models we have built up directly for possible later simulations.

Function simulations

Fluid mechanics (CFD)

  • Flow analyses
  • Heat transfer / cooling strategies
  • Pressure loss optimizations
  • Reduction of flow induced noise

Magnetic field simulations

Light simulations

  • Simulation tool to meet the lighting requirements within the given cost and time frame
  • Effective means to reduce the number of cost-intensive prototypes and test series
  • Optimization of brightness and homogeneity
  • Ensuring a tolerance-insensitive design within the specified installation space
  • Consideration of materials, surfaces, temperatures etc.

Load simulations

Structural simulations

  • Stiffness tests
  • Strength tests
  • Structural optimizations
  • Crash simulation (impact)
  • Drop test simulation
  • Life cycle assessments
  • Seal design
  • Material behavior
  • Heat simulation

Multi-body simulations

  • Kinematics simulations
  • Structure-borne sound calculations
  • Stability studies

Dynamics and Acoustics

  • Vibration analyses
  • Optimization of the dynamic and acoustic behavior
  • Noise analysis (sound radiation)
  • Psychoacoustics

Production simulations

Injection Molding (Moldflow)

  • We simulate and optimize the complete injection molding process by injection molding simulation
  • Design and optimization of mold temperature control
  • Simulation of all special processes
  • Simulation of the process for overmolding organic sheets
  • Warpage optimization

CAE software tools in use at M.TEC

Flow simulation (CFD)

  • Star-CCM+
  • Tetra CFD

Electromagnetic fields

  • Altair Flux

Component design (FEA)

  • Abaqus
  • Radioss
  • Hyper Mesh
  • Hyper Form
  • Motion Solve
  • Convers
  • PAM-Form/RTM
  • Matlab/Simulink

Structural optimization

  • OptiStruct

Injection Molding (Moldflow)

  • Autodesk Moldflow
  • Cadmould
  • Moldex 3D

Light Simulation

  • Simulux

Tolerance Analysis

  • Tolerance Designer
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