Acoustic simulation using FEM: Visualization of pulse excitation and sound wave reflection

Acoustic simulation – noise level reduction

Acoustic simulation or acoustic calculation examines sound emission and sound transmission. A common design goal in product development is sound reduction or volume reduction within components or products. An acoustic calculation, in which the frequency spectrum is analyzed, often reveals the causes of sound transmission or insufficient sound attenuation. Acoustic simulation or acoustic calculation is the appropriate development tool for reducing the sound pressure level (SPL)

FEM acoustic simulation for sound reduction/noise reduction

Acoustic simulation using FEM (Finite Element Method) considers the acoustic transmission paths via the structure of components. It allows the simultaneous mapping of solids and several acoustic media (air, water, etc). Thereby it is possible to calculate acoustic and structural natural frequencies with and without damping.

Frequency response analysis with acoustic-structural coupling

  • Quasistatic view of the frequency spectrum
  • Evaluation at any coordinates or reference points
  • Determination of structural and acoustic natural vibration modes
  • Sine excitation on structure (e.g. loudspeaker membrane, piezo, etc.)
  • Investigation of material attenuation over sound propagation path

Transient acoustic examination

  • Consideration of sound wave propagation in any medium (air, water, metal, ...)
  • Temporal resolution of the wave fronts via the sound pressure
  • Explicit FEM

Acoustics optimization – Engineering services by M.TEC

As a design engineering service provider experienced in product development for over 30 years, M.TEC offers you the necessary engineering services for sound reduction or volume reduction beyond acoustic calculations. The procedure for reducing the sound emission in a product or component typically includes the following steps:

  • Determine actual state
  • Identify causes of sound emission
  • Find ideas for optimization
  • Test and evaluate concepts with the help of simulation
  • Implementation of the measures, e.g. CAD adjustments

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