CFD flow simulation

CFD flow simulation is used to design and optimize flow-carrying components. The flow analysis reveals where flow losses occur. If measurements are not possible or too time-consuming, flow simulation is the right tool for pressure loss optimization.

Fields of application for flow simulation

Flow types and flow processes

  • Simulation of stationary and transient flows
  • Simulation of laminar and turbulent flows
  • Multiphase flows
  • Simulation of mixing processes / mixer simulation
  • Heat simulation / convection
  • Flow induced noises

Products / Applications

  • Flow around vehicles / missiles
  • Design of impellers, air ducts
  • Oil separator, engine cooling
  • Car air conditioning
  • Design and optimization of pumps
  • Design/calculation/optimization of tanks/storage tanks and flow valves
  • Tumble dryer
  • Vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner nozzles
  • Blower development
  • Blender

Reduce pressure losses with flow simulation

What is the benefit of flow simulation? Vehicles and technical devices, which have gas, air or liquids flowing around or through them, are omnipresent nowadays; for example cars, trucks, turbochargers, pumps, pipelines, vacuum cleaners or tumble dryers. What all appliances have in common is that their energy consumption is directly dependent on the flow losses.

Flow losses are caused by flow separation (recirculation) up to a complete stall. Flow separations are caused by

  • Sharp bends
  • Infrequent cross-section expansions
  • Component elements, which lie in the flow guidance

This results in a "bursting" of the beam. In addition to the pressure loss, another negative consequence can be noise generation.

A CFD flow simulation (CFD = "Computational Fluid Dynamics") uncovers the unfavorable flow patterns and allows flow-carrying components to be specifically optimized.

„Flow losses should be minimized by means of flow simulation early in the development process in order to design devices in an energy-efficient manner.“
Stefan Vogler, team leader simulation & calculation at M.TEC

The calculation department of M.TEC is specialized in the simulation of the processes by means of flow simulation. With extensive knowledge of the underlying physical relationships in fluid mechanics, we quickly deliver simulation results and the correct interpretation. M.TEC develops flow-optimized concepts and derives appropriate measures from the results of CFD flow simulation - to optimize your component or product.

Software tools for flow simulation

We use the following simulation software for flow simulation and calculation of thermodynamics:

  • Software Cradle´s SC / Tetra-CFD
  • Star-CCM+
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