Drop Test

Drop test simulations are used to ensure that products are sufficiently resistant to impact loading. This assurance of impact resistance must be verified, for example, by means of drop tests. Calculated impact tests and drop tests are highly dynamic and, especially in the case of plastic products, non-linear due to the material behavior.

Customer benefit

  • Identification of damages, also inside the device
  • Simple and fast evaluation of variants
  • Time and cost saving through early detection of weaknesses

Drop test simulations - Design of drop and impact loads

Application areas for drop test simulations:

  • Hand drills, home tools, garden tools
  • Telephone equipment, mobile phones, cellular phones
  • Transport containers, IBC containers, dangerous goods containers, containers, tanks/tank containers
  • Storage boxes, cases
  • Medical devices: blood glucose meters, insulin pens
  • Car occupant protection: head impact calculation

The calculation engineers at M.TEC have the understanding of plastics material for the selection of suitable material models and for the assessment of highly dynamic material stresses. We carry out drop test simulations and investigate the behavior of consumer goods as well as industrial applications and technical products.

M.TEC has a comprehensive range of simulation programs and the necessary practical knowledge to make optimum use of drop test simulations. Our calculation engineers examine the risk areas during the design process using virtual prototypes and present solutions for structural optimization.

Design of drop and impact loads for consumer goods

Equipment for daily use must remain undamaged after a fall, e.g. externally: Housing damage, broken component connections or electronic components detached from circuit boards must be ruled out in advance. All functions must not be impaired.

Guarantee of shock resistance for industrial applications

Applications in logistics, such as containers, large containers as well as hazardous goods containers or packaging units and load carriers must withstand extreme conditions and are tested for weak points.

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