Load Simulation

Almost all technical components are subject to a wide variety of mechanical loads. The loads result from the function, the assembly and the operating loads of the products.

Since the design of the components has a significant influence on the function and the material loads, it should already be checked simulatively during the concept phase and accompanying the product development whether the functions are guaranteed and the mechanical loads can be endured by the product. If it is only determined at a later stage in the development process that one of the requirements cannot be met, a larger iteration may have to be carried out, which can mean considerable additional expenditure in terms of time and money.

M.TEC specializes in the development of high quality products that are produced in large quantities. The combination of the development process with the simulative verification of the respective development status is our lived practice. Therefore we are the right partner for you when it comes to simulating your product development.

Load simulation – typical applications

  • Determination of the force-displacement behavior
    • Actuating forces
  • Simulation of seals
  • Simulation of the assembly
  • Inspection of different tolerance positions
  • Ensuring a targeted deformation behavior
  • Ensuring the transmission of forces and moments
  • Ensuring a targeted failure
    • Tamper-evident closure
    • Airbag Shot
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