M.OPT design – AI based design engineering

Weight reduction of an electric motor using M.OPT design (ENGINEERING BY M.TEC)

Weight optimization of an electric motor using M.OPT design as a multi-physics application: Simultaneous optimization of 40 independent design parameters – Restrictions to be met: Drive torques, temperatures, service life, mechanical load cases (transmission of torques, curbside driving, braking, etc.)
Overall result when all specifications are met: Reduction of total weight by 17%
Pictured above: Fiber layer optimization on the rotor

Funded by BmBF

M.OPT design is an AI-based design engineering method for complex products that considers multiple design goals simultaneously. With this innovative multi-physics optimization, you can achieve significantly higher product qualities than previous development methods would allow for.

Multi physics optimization for contradictory design goals

Optimizing for multiple requirements simultaneously is particularly challenging and complex, especially when the design goals are contradictory, such as in these typical constellations:

  • High stiffness and low weight
  • Short cycle time and highest process stability
  • Failure safety and minimum use of material
  • Low production costs and long operating life

M.OPT design: AI based design engineering tool

The simulation-based engineering tool M.OPT design, developed by M.TEC, is based on artificial intelligence. The AI used is able to detect and take into account the interactions between the individual physical properties of the component, depending on the desired weighting. As a result, all properties are optimally balanced.

Customer values of M.OPT design

  • Delivers the best possible data set with respect to to the defined requirements
  • Identifies the optimal balance in case of conflicting design goals
  • Handles high complexities arousing from multiple design engineering disciplines in the shortest time possible
  • Determines the sensitive parameters, i.e. parameters with great influence


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