M.OPT – Multi-Physics Optimisation

Weight reduction of an electric motor (M.OPT design + M.OPT warpage)

Weight optimization of an electric motor using M.OPT design as a multi-physics application: Simultaneous optimization of 40 independent design parameters – Restrictions to be met: Drive torques, temperatures, service life, mechanical load cases (transmission of torques, curbside driving, braking, etc.)
Overall result when all specifications are met: Reduction of total weight by 17%
Pictured above: Fiber layer optimization on the rotor

Funded by BmBF

Warpage and Process optimisation—support structure automotive interior (OPTIMISATION BY M.TEC)

A support structure for the vehicle interior was optimized for BMW AG by M.TEC, using M.OPT warpage. Achieved results in addition to minimized component warpage: sampling time 80% shorter, vastly reduced material and energy consumption, elimination of tool changes. Awarded at the SPE Automotive Award 2021

Sustainability, economic efficiency and innovation are crucial topics in the development of tomorrow's products. M.TEC now offers you the answer to these challenging engineering tasks with M.OPT – a completely new design engineering toolbox for your product innovations!

The complexity of product development and design engineering processes increases, and familiar development methods are reaching their limits. In product development and process development, this applies to topics such as:

  • Mapping the physics of a component and its process
  • Predictability of physical interactions
  • Balance of product properties in the case of conflicting engineering goals
  • Reduction of the use of resources (material, energy, time)
  • Implementation of sustainability


M.OPT – AI-based multi physics design engineering tools

M.TEC's answer to these elementary questions in product development are the new M.OPT design engineering tools: simulation-based development tools for complex products and processes. The tools of the M.OPT family process several design goals simultaneously, making them true multiphysics applications.


What are the benefits of the M.OPT tools?

  • Maximum product quality
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Risk minimization in development and series production start-up by simulation-based, integrated consideration of the entire product development process
  • Reduction of time to market
  • Reduction in the use of resources


What can the tools of the M.OPT family do better than other methods?

  • Master complexity
  • Take physical interactions into account
  • Find the actual optimum in a mathematically neutral way, under the given boundary conditions


What are the stages of typical M.OPT project?

Ein typischer Projektablauf lässt sich wie folgt skizzieren:

  • Definition of the project goals
  • Definition of variable and fixed parameters
  • M.TEC performs the AI-based optimization process
  • Result: The mathematical optimum of the system, based on simulation data, dynamically considered by AI


What M.OPT are available?

  • M.OPT warpage
    For injection molded parts – get the parameter set for the lowest possible part warpage under the given boundary conditions. Can include geometry parameters,  if desired. And it reveals the sensitive parameters
  • M.OPT design
    For products – optimization for several requirements at the same time, with optimally balanced component properties
  • M.OPT process
    For manufacturing processes – optimization of injection molding or extrusion processes, manufacturing of stamped/bent parts, etc.
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