Multiphysics simulation and optimisation – M.OPT

electric motor housing with thermoplastic rotor

Sample project: electric motor

Optimization of an electric motor with a thermoplastic rotor using the M.OPT process resulted in a weight reduction of 17%, better torque characteristics, an increase in product life span and optimized manufacturing (Image: Fraunhofer IPT Aachen)

Optimized for BMW AG using M.OPT – Results: Minimization of warpage, reduction of mold proving time by 80%, elimination of tool changes – Awarded at the SPE Automotive Award 2021

Pen Injector Insulin Pen Multiphysics Optimization

Application example: pen injector

In the development of pen injectors, the M.OPT systematics allow the components to be designed as precisely as required and at the same time with manufacturing costs as low as possible

mulitphysics simulation busbar copper

Application example: busbar

M.OPT allows for simultaneous optimization regarding material reduction and weight reduction as well as functional fulfillment (current flow, cooling)

Impeller multiphysics optimization

Application example: impeller

M.OPT allows for simultaneous optimization of mechanics (e.g. deformation during operation), fluidic and acoustic properties, and the injection molding process (warpage minimization)

In the development of future-proof products, sustainability, cost-effectiveness and innovation are crucial issues that are inseparably interwoven, increasing the complexity of current development initiatives enormously. In response to these demanding requirements, M.TEC has developed the AI-based development systematics called M.OPT, which uses, among other things, multiphysics simulation.

In order to be able to achieve high development goals with a reasonable amount of effort, M.TEC offers you the AI-based development systematics M.OPT, which also uses multiphysics simulation, as part of development orders (it is not a software tool you can license, it is an engineering systematics that is adapted to your specific design goals). For existing products and processes, the M.OPT systematics allows far-reaching optimizations. However, the greatest possible potential for increasing quality and efficiency levels for can be achieved for completely new product and process designs.

Simulation and AI as an accelerator in product and process engineering

Conventional development methods are reaching their limits due to the manifold increased requirements. In the engineering of products and processes, this applies above all to:

  • Mapping the physics of a component and its process in digital prototypes
  • Predictability of physical interactions
  • Balance of product properties in the case of conflicting development goals
  • Reduction of the use of resources (material usage, energy, time) throughout the entire product development process
  • Implementation of sustainability aspects (product life span, efficiency, materials)

AI-based development methods can overcome these limitations and pave the way for much higher qualities of both products and processes.

M.OPT: AI-based development method using multiphysics simulation

The M.OPT development systematics use AI-based simulation methods and multiphysics simulation in the engineering of products and processes. This concept allows for pursuing multiple development goals at the same time using M.OPT.

Individual focal points can be set to achieve individual goals, depending on the requirements in your project. As a result, these development requirements are optimally matched to one another; you thus achieve the physically best possible compromise of product properties within your boundary conditions.

Use cases for the M.OPT systematics

On behalf of our customers, we develop or optimize virtually any product, component or process that can be represented numerically using M.OPT. Typical development scenarios are:

  • Development and optimization of components and products towards differently weighted development goals, such as a combination of product life span, failure safety, material savings, cost-effective manufacturing, etc.
  • Optimization of processes, for example with regard to stability and efficiency
  • Warpage minimization of injection molded parts, optimization of the injection molding process

There are no limits to the actual application. Of course, multiphysics optimization is most useful when several physical disciplines are considered simultaneously.

What are the benefits of M.OPT?

The M.OPT systematics offers you great potential for…

  • Maximum product quality
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Risk minimization in development and series start-up 
    (by means of simulation-based, continuous approach to the entire product development process)
  • Reduction of time to market
  • Reduction of the use of resources in development, production and during the product life cycle

Is M.OPT a licensable software application?

No, M.OPT is a simulation-based development systematics which is individually aligned to the respective goals by M.TEC engineers within the scope of development projects. A free application as universally applicable software is not possible.

What does a project workflow look like?

A typical project flow can be roughly outlined as follows:

  • Definition of the project goals
  • Definition of variable and fixed parameters
  • Execution of the AI-based optimization process by M.TEC
  • Transfer of the results into an optimized, manufacturable design
  • Result: A system optimized to your boundary conditions with the expertise of a holistic development partner
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