M.OPT warpage – warpage optimization using AI

Warpage optimization for critical plastic components—that is M.OPT warpage, an optimization method for warpage minimization. It calculates the parameter set for the lowest possible warpage and a significantly shorter sampling time. In addition, it identifies the parameters sensitive to warpage, i.e. parameters with a large influence.

A support structure for the vehicle interior was optimized for BMW AG by M.TEC, using M.OPT warpage. Achieved results in addition to minimized component warpage: sampling time 80% shorter, vastly reduced material and energy consumption, elimination of tool changes. Awarded at the SPE Automotive Award 2021

Automotive front bumper – 45% improvement (Engineering by M.TEC)

Warpage optimization using M.OPT warpage – overall warpage of the front bumper reduced from 8.0mm to 4.4mm (45% improvement), in addition to a much more even warpage (images scaled equally; bottom before, top after)

High precision connector – 36% improvement (Engineering by M.TEC)

Warpage optimzation of a high precision connector using M.OPT warpage – overall warpage connector reduced from 0.461mm to 0.294mm (36% improvement) (images at same scale; bottom before, top after)

A plastics engineering innovation by M.TEC – mathematics calculates the parameter set for the lowest possible warpage of a plastic component, across the entire parameter space and under individually specified boundary conditions – high-end warpage optimization for critical components

The perfect parameter set is computable now

"For over 30 years, our customers have been asking for the perfect parameter set for their plastic component. Thanks to new mathematical methods, we have now created a development tool that calculates this parameter set."

Stefan Vogler
Team Manager Simulation & Calculation, M.TEC ENGINEERING GmbH

Warpage – it becomes challenging when ...

  • ... warpage is critical for function fulfillment. The aim here: To minimize the scrap rate when tolerances are narrow
  • ... tooling costs are high. The aim here is to avoid cost- and time-intensive tool grinding
  • ... a high testing effort is necessary in production. The aim here: Only monitor sensitive parameters

M.TEC's answer: M.OPT warpage, an AI-based warpage optimisation tool

  • A revolutionary new, AI-based method for determining the parameter set for the physically lowest possible component warpage
  • Optimization method that includes both process parameters and geometry parameters
  • Method for determining the sensitive parameters
  • Individual process for a component and its process
  • Service by M.TEC, not a software tool to buy
  • Verified on numerous products and projects

What do customers get?

  • The parameter set for the smallest possible component warpage within the boundary conditions
  • Sensitivities
  • Basis for further optimizations – new results in real time when altering parameter values
  • Robustness
  • Time and cost savings: Tool grinding becomes very unlikely
  • Competitive edge


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