Filling simulation injection molding / filling study 

M.TEC simulates the filling of your plastic component for you by means of a filling simulation ("injection moulding filling study"). As a result, you receive the filling behavior of your component. The service provider M.TEC will provide you with information and recommendations for action regarding the optimum producibility of your component.

Services filling simulation / filling study

  • Development of injection concepts
  • Balancing of the filling and distribution systems
  • Balancing of the filling to optimize the clamping force
  • Balancing of the filling to minimize distortion
  • Optimization of the filling to avoid air traps
  • Optimization of the position of weld lines
  • Calculation of the packing pressure / creation of packing pressure profile
  • Process simulation for all special injection molding processes
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Your advantages with M.TEC as service provider for filling simulation

  • Clear recommendations for action
  • Fast simulation results
  • Expert knowledge in plastics technology, tool technology and production processes
  • Software tools Autodesk® Moldflow®, Cadmould®, Moldex3D® available
  • Optional advice on component strength / structural analyses (FEM) 

Filling simulation - optimization in the development phase

Filling simulations provide information about the manufacturability of your plastic component early in the development phase. With an injection molding filling study, you can identify long before the toolmaking department is involved, the causes for injection molding errors. Therefore, you can avoid problems with filling from the outset. Important points here are:

  • Can the component be filled well? (weld lines, air pockets)
  • Is the balance of the filling good? 
  • Are holding pressure and clamping force correct?
  • Is the injection system correctly selected? (flow path length, fiber orientation)

In addition to the properties of the finished component, the filling phase particularly influences the machine size and the stability of the mold - important factors for production costs. With a filling simulation and the correct interpretation of the results, these aspects can be taken into account from the very beginning.

Filling simulation to calculate the holding pressure

In the packing phase, the shrinkage in the component, which is caused by the cooling of the material, is compensated. This is possible as long as there is a liquid core in the component and thus plastic melt can flow. If the component freezes, the shrinkage in the packing phase can no longer be compensated. This leads to higher and possibly uneven shrinkage.

M.TEC simulates the complete packing phase from the changeover point to the freezing of the sprue. To reduce the cycle time and to minimize the tendency to warp, we optimize the packing pressure profile for you with the help of the filling simulation:

  • Optimization of the switchover time
  • Development of a packing pressure profile to minimize distortion
  • Identification of areas where the packing pressure cannot have an optimal effect

Filling simulation - troubleshooting in the injection molding process

If problems occur during the filling of the mold, the filling simulation is the first step in the troubleshooting. It provides you with clues for eliminating errors and further optimizing your process. M.TEC engineers will help you quickly and reliably. In over 25 years of using filling simulations, they have simulated practically every conceivable component - from micro connectors to large containers with a shot weight of 40 kg.
Take advantage of this experience with a filling simulation at M.TEC.

M.TEC - experienced service provider for filling simulation

As a service provider for filling simulations, M.TEC gives you the right advice and recommendations for action. Our know-how includes tooling technology, development & design of components and plastic products as well as the corresponding injection molding manufacturing processes. With M.TEC you are commissioning a reliable calculation service provider. We have been developing and designing plastic products since 1991 and ensure robust production by injection molding using filling simulation.

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