RWTH Aachen Benchmarking Study

RWTH Aachen Benchmarking Study

Discover your potential in the field of “Circular Economy”

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Shaping the future of sustainable industrial production implies mastering circular economy. Due to a necessary reduction of resource consumption, overcapacity and overproduction must be replaced by sustainable thinking. This requires new, interdisciplinary approaches, processes and tools. However, for companies that no longer see a sustainable production environment as a freestyle, but as a duty, the question arises:

But how can Circular Economy be successfully implemented? What measures are necessary to anchor a sustainable and circular lifecycle management in manufacturing companies?

These are the questions addressed by the internationally oriented benchmarking study "Circular Economy - Lifecycle Management in Manufacturing Companies", which we are currently conducting as part of the industry consortium together with centers and institutes of the RWTH Aachen University.

We invite you to also learn about your own strengths and potentials in the field of the Circular Economy with your free participation. You will receive an individual evaluation of your study results to derive your own activities. In addition, you have the chance to receive an award from RWTH Aachen University as one of the most successful companies and to network with the other study participants and the industry consortium on cross-company best practices. Furthermore, after participating in our study, the Center for Systems Engineering personally invites you to take part at the 4th Systems Engineering Congress ( free of charge, which among other things also deals with the modelling of sustainable products.

Participation in the study is possible up to and including 24.06.22.

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