The digital twin in warpage optimization - M.TEC at FAKUMA 2018

The digital twin in warpage optimization - M.TEC at FAKUMA 2018

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Artificial intelligence minimizes component distortion - for highest precision of plastic products. M.TEC will present warpage optimization using the digital twin at FAKUMA 2018.

The use of artificial intelligence is providing completely new impulses in plastics technology. On this basis, M.TEC Ingenieurgesellschaft is developing warpage optimization using the digital twin. All influencing variables from component geometry and the injection molding process are represented in a mathematical-virtual image of the physical relationships. This digital twin makes innovative, holistic optimizations possible and opens up new ways to reduce time and costs.

The benefits of this novel method are many and varied: Component distortion is minimized within the defined limits up to what is physically feasible and economically reasonable, uncertainties regarding the best possible parameter settings are eliminated and subsequent tool changes can be ruled out with the utmost certainty.

Pattern recognition, sensitivities, robustness analyses

For distortion optimization on the digital twin, the engineers at M. TEC use mathematical methods that dissolve the limits of previous distortion optimization. The complexity of the interrelationships and interactions of innumerable parameters, which is unmanageable for humans, is mastered by mathematics through pattern recognition. This holistic determination of the optimum parameter set within defined boundary conditions eliminates the usual iterations in development and subsequent tool construction. Sensitivity analyses reveal early on which factors have the greatest influence on warpage. Further parameter studies after adjustments of the boundary conditions are performed in real time. Finally, robustness analyses to minimize the probability of failure in function and process complete the use of artificial intelligence in warpage optimization.

The result of this innovation by M.TEC is the best possible parameter set for your plastic component within your boundary conditions. M.TEC Ingenieurgesellschaft für kunststofftechnische Produktentwicklung mbH - a company of the K.D. Feddersen Group since mid-2018 - once again lives up to its role as a pioneer in plastics engineering product development.

Find out how the digital twin is created and how it can be integrated into your development process at FAKUMA at booth 2209 at AKRO-Plastic, hall B2. You're welcome to make an appointment in advance at

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