Vehicle air conditioning

Engineering of vehicle air conditioning

Good vehicle air conditioning alone is no reason to buy a vehicle. However, poor air conditioning can be a reason to regret the purchase.

In the cost analysis of the supplier and the OEM, the plastic elements of the vehicle air conditioning system do not appear as the primary cost drivers in relation to the production material and the manufacturing costs. The technically correct design is, however, decisive for the comfort experienced and the stable impression of quality for the customer.

This is exactly where M.TEC supports the supplier as well as the OEM in the process chain with its plastics and flow technology know-how. Already in the conception phase, M.TEC can help to avoid errors that later turn out to be cost drivers or quality reducing factors by means of project management, FMEA, CFD and mold flow analyses as well as design experience in the automotive sector. Today these are of outstanding importance for a smooth ramp-up and long-term stable mass production.

Exemplary products

  • Air conditioning units (HVAC)
  • Flow channels
  • Outflow nozzles
  • Water/leaf separation
  • Air conditioning control units

Exemplary projects

  • Investigation of the air, heating and cooling capacity
  • Investigation of the control behavior with regard to air distribution and temperature stratification
  • Problem analysis with regard to noise emission, flow of people and window panes
  • Optimization of the free jet flow (person approach flow, defrost nozzles)
  • Design and testing of air ducts
  • Checking the temperature distribution and stranding
  • Simulation of the real intake and cabin internal pressure

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