Medical technology products

Air flow ventilation mask (Engineering by M.TEC)

Analysis of the air flow in a respiratory mask using CFD flow simulation

Therapy device respiratory insufficiency (Engineering by M.TEC)

Design of a suitable device construction, design of flow paths, selection of measures for noise damping and noise insulation, design of acoustic measures in the installation space, proof of the effectiveness of the measures

The development of medical technology products is particularly characterized by high quality requirements.

Since, in extreme cases, human life can be at risk using medical technology products, there are several regulations (e.g. MPG, FDA) that must be observed when developing medical devices. For this reason, M.TEC has developed a process for medical technology products within the framework of its own quality management.

Design engineering of medical technology products

In accordance with FDA requirements, the process comprises the two milestones Design Input and Design Output, which frame the central phases of product development. In addition to these two inevitable FDA-compliant milestones, the M.TEC MEDICAL process includes further milestones, which each form the completion of the project phases. This guarantees a planned and structured project flow and the conscious transition between the individual phases in the development process.

Sample devices in the medical technology products

  • Respiratory equipment
  • Analysis devices (for multivariate evaluations of blood, urine and other body fluids; for professional use in medical practices etc.)
  • Defibrillators
  • Monitors for OP use
  • Infusors
  • Perfusion pumps
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