Mechanical engineering & special machine construction 

Robot transfer in clean room

Robot transfer in clean room (Mechanical engineering by M.TEC)

Mounting for robot unit with contact-free drive – low-particle motion sequences for clean room applications

Maintenance unit high-vacuum environment

Maintenance unit high-vacuum environment (Mechanical engineering by M.TEC)

Lifting and adjusting table for maintenance of wear parts in a process sequence of a high vacuum production line

Shear forces testing frame organic sheets

Shear forces testing frame organic sheets (Mechanical engineering by M.TEC)

Device for testing shear forces on organic sheets – Designed for use in a climatic chamber, very low friction for low influence on the measurement results

M.TEC is an engineering service provider for mechanical engineering and special machine construction. The engineers of M.TEC develop, analyse and solve complex tasks in all special topics of mechanical engineering.

Development and method-based solution finding

  • Troubleshooting and solution finding for acute problems
  • Analysis of possibilities for cost reduction / cost saving
  • Conception of new machine generations - The next generation machine
  • Development & Construction
    • Assembly systems
    • Packaging solutions
    • Filling plants
    • Test benches and test facilities
    • Devices for inspection and testing (semi and fully automatic)
    • Vacuum and clean room technology
    • etc.
  • Complex motion sequences / kinematics
  • Lightweight construction in mechanical engineering / special machine construction
  • Process Engineering
  • Material selection
  • Simulation & Calculation
  • Preparation of all necessary production documents as well as operating and maintenance instructions

Our customers benefit from strong development synergies within the company. Our solution methodology, which we have developed in almost 30 years, makes us industry-independent, just like the physical laws we base our daily work on.

Process Engineering

Analyze physical principles of action

All influences on a process must be considered and analyzed in their physics. The process must then be adapted to these physical effects (example: filling of liquids). It is important to consider the active principles independently of each other in order to avoid getting stuck in predetermined drawers when finding a solution.
M.TEC supports its customers in all areas of process engineering - in the development of new machines or processes - in the definition of their processes and designs optimal special machines. It is crucial to determine all physical effects in advance. Thus, these influences can be integrated appropriately and correctly into the overall solution.

Development of assembly systems

Complex motion sequences / kinematics

For the design of complex motion sequences, M.TEC uses various 3D CAD tools and, if required, multi-body simulation. This also allows complex kinematic problems to be solved and negative influences in the design to be eliminated.

  • Assembly systems
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Filling plants
  • Test benches
  • Devices, functional models
  • etc.

The next generation machine

Faster, lighter, more dynamic - high demands are placed on the new generation of machines.

Lightweight construction in mechanical engineering / special machine construction

  • Highly dynamic components
  • High stability
  • Small weight

Selection of the ideal manufacturing process

M.TEC's engineers select the right manufacturing process for you in terms of requirements and costs. 

Examples of manufacturing processes:

  • Machining (turning, milling, 3D milling)
  • Erosion techniques (sinker, wire, satrhole, etc.)
  • Flat and cylindrical grinding
  • Additive manufacturing (plastic and metal)
  • Surface treatments (blasting, polishing, etc.)
  • Process for increasing their mechanical resistance
  • Welded assemblies incl. reworking
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Surface refinements

Vacuum technology, clean room technology

In the development of vacuum technology and clean room technology, the avoidance of particles for process reliability is the top priority - even with complex motion sequences. At M.TEC, we know the special techniques and solutions.
Vacuum chambers, for example, are designed in a cost-optimized way with the help of simulation & calculation: The use of materials is as low as possible. M.TEC also uses simulation to calculate thermal and fluidic influences in a vacuum, for example for the design of cooling systems in a vacuum.

Medical engineering

Oriented towards medical technology requirements

We are familiar with the challenges involved in the development of medical technology products through our numerous projects as a development service provider in medical technology.
In mechanical engineering developments in medical technology, we incorporate the necessary procedures for the medical technology industry. We are well acquainted with the high demands on documentation.

Test and test devices

In the field of inspection fixtures and test fixtures, M.TEC is specialized in the development and design of

  • Test benches
  • Manual assembly stations
  • Inspection and test equipment
  • Devices for assembly aids

In addition, we support you in the development, design and construction of mechanical devices and test equipment and create operating and maintenance manuals for you. We would also be pleased to work with you to develop the specifications for the test or test setup.



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