Developing solutions for demanding and complex problems: This has been the task and claim of M.TEC Engineering GmbH for over 30 years. As an engineering service provider, we develop innovations and solutions for technical products and processes. For product development and mechanical engineering design, we combine all engineering competencies and the associated tools.

Successful development through experienced project management

In the area of project management, our engineers coordinate the work in our or also your project team, according to your requirements. The distinct experience of our engineers enables a project management with a holistic and practical view. As a supplier of ideas and problem solvers, our main tasks are not only mechanical development but also project engineering for technical systems, products and devices.

Our services in project management

  • Support in the area of project management and project controlling
  • Creation and structuring of project plans 
  • Support in problem analysis, solution finding and implementation
  • Inquiry and coordination of components and assemblies with suppliers
  • Analysis and optimization of assembly processes
  • Planning and realization of pre-production and pilot series 
  • Planning and review of qualification processes for production equipment
  • Planning and review of qualification processes for individual parts and assemblies
  • Series support after market launch

More than 30 years of experience in product development

For over 30 years M.TEC Engineering has been developing successful technical products from the idea to the start of production. Ideas must be defined and developed, detailed and translated into a design, which in turn is validated via tests & trials. In each phase of product development, continuous validation and verification through state-of-the-art simulation and calculation is necessary to avoid unnecessary iteration loops. M.TEC Engineering offers these and more services in systematic product development: For your better products of tomorrow!

Our services in product development

  • Product definition
    • Product idea
      • Requirements
      • Feasibility studies
      • Risk analyses
      • Concept development
      • Pre-development
  • Development & construction
    • Design
    • CAD-Construction
    • Material
    • Production processes
  • Tests & trials
    • Safeguarding
      • Injection molding simulation
      • FE analyses
      • CFD simulation
      • Light simulation
    • Validation
      • Troubleshooting
      • Prototyping
        • Rapid Prototyping
        • Rapid Tooling
      • Functional testing
      • Tests
  • Series
    • Planning and realization of pre-series and pilot series 
    • Testing and optimization of the production process
    • Planning and review of the qualification processes of production equipment
    • Planning and review of the qualification processes of individual parts and assemblies
    • Series support after market launch

Tool technology

M.TEC can develop tooling concepts for its customers, evaluate existing ones, analyze tooling problems, control tool procurement and accompany sampling and component qualification. In tooling technology, M.TEC combines robustness, economy and innovation. M.TEC offers its customers the necessary know-how from a single source: expertise in processes, materials and CAE simulations for validation.

Tests & trials

Our range of services in the field of testing and trials offers solution-oriented support for the development of systems tailored to requirements and production for sustainable success.
The focus here is on proof of strength, durability and service life of the technical systems. M.TEC's experienced engineers develop and design suitable test procedures, construct test rigs and provide holistic support for component testing.

Mechanical engineering design

In the development & design in mechanical engineering, M.TEC offers a systematic approach with its own design systematics, which is validated and secured by simulation & calculation. The engineers of M.TEC consider all levels: from the physical principles of action to design issues and economic efficiency. Thus, M.TEC as a service provider develops requirement-oriented, cost-efficient solutions and designs in mechanical engineering and special machine construction.

Engineering of products & processes – services by M.TEC
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