Purposeful product development means systematically achieving product success - even with complex, conflicting requirements. This is achieved through holistic and cross-industry engineering with specially developed solution methods and design systematics. M.TEC Engineering has been developing high-quality technical products for over 30 years with its own design system, requirements catalog and in-house simulation department.

Methodical engineering

Successful products are the result of methodical product development from a single source. Ideas must be defined and developed, detailed and translated into a design, which in turn is validated via tests & trials - right up to the start of series production. In each phase of product development, continuous validation and verification through state-of-the-art simulation and calculation is necessary to avoid unnecessary iteration loops. 

Single-source product developement: M.TEC Engineering

M.TEC Engineering offers its customers this complete engineering portfolio for product development from a single source: From product definition to all topics of design and simulation & calculation further to the management of the series start-up to fast troubleshooting in any situation. Long-standing customers from all industries have trusted M.TEC development for over 30 years. 

Product definition

In the concept phase, we lay the foundation for successful and targeted development. We rely on creativity, methodology and systematics. Based on our systematic approach and our own research activities in this area, we are able to work out all the relevant requirements at a very early stage, both for the products themselves and for the processes and equipment needed to realize them. 

Our services in product definition

  • Product idea
    • Idea generation
      • TRIZ
      • Brainstorming in our engineering teams
    • Requirements
      • Systematic requirements definition: Own M.TEC requirements catalog with >500 entries
    • Feasibility studies
    • Risk analyses
    • Concept development
    • Pre-development
    • Market analysis
      • Competitors
      • Customers  

Development & Construction

In the development phase, optimal functionality is to be ensured within the defined time and financial framework. The first priority is to draw up a specification that is as precise as possible. On this basis, the engineering teams develop components and manufacturing equipment. As part of the design process, our employees select suitable materials independently of raw material manufacturers and distributors.

Our services in development & construction:

  • Detailing / Design
    • FMEA
    • Geometry
    • Kinematics
    • Stress
    • Energy conversion
    • Material turnover
    • Materials
    • Signal conversion
    • Safety
  • Design
    • CAD-Construction
    • Simultaneous engineering
    • Material
    • Independence from raw material producers and distributors
    • Production processes

Tests & trials

For validation, support and verification of the selected design, M.TEC Engineering offers both simulative validation and validation via prototyping as well as trial and testing thanks to an extensive in-house calculation department. If difficulties arise in an already advanced project, systematic troubleshooting helps with the aid of a clean error analysis and effective elimination of the identified errors.

Our services in tests & trials

  • Safeguarding
    • Injection molding simulation
    • FE analyses
    • CFD simulation
    • Light simulation
  • Validation
    • Troubleshooting
    • Prototyping
      • Rapid Prototyping
      • Rapid Tooling
    • Functional testing
  • Tests
    • Planning, development and construction of test rigs
    • Planning, procurement and assembly of parts and subassemblies
    • Development of test and trial procedures
    • Evaluation of test results
    • Determination of material properties, also in cooperation with the Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV) of RWTH Aachen University
    • Component testing
    • Acoustics (binaural noise analysis)
  • Troubleshooting
    • Design verification
    • Production process testing
    • Material evaluation
    • Requirements analyses
    • Functional analyses
    • Revision of the requirement and functional specifications 

Series start-up

Within the framework of holistic product development, M.TEC also offers support beyond the actual development tasks. Parallel to the development of the technical system with corresponding prototype tests, M.TEC engineers support you in start-up planning and management in order to consider all essential aspects of the qualification of the technical system and its production at an early stage and to be able to start a secured production as soon as possible. 

Our services in series start-up

  • Series
    • Planning and realization of pre-series and pilot series 
    • Testing and optimization of the production process
    • Planning and review of the qualification processes of production equipment
    • Planning and review of the qualification processes of individual parts and assemblies
    • Series support after market launch

M.TEC's customers benefit from our engineering capabilities in product development and our many years of development experience. Our engineers work from product definition through to successful series start-up and also support customers in follow-up projects on product updates and optimization topics - on the part of the product as well as the production processes and equipment.


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