Lighting in product development

Light guide automotive ac vent

Light guide automotive ac vent (Engineering by M.TEC)

High-end design ambient lighting – design engineering aspects: crash-proof, homogeneous illumination, invisible light guides, analogue assembly

Light guide washing machine door

Light guide washing machine door (Engineering by M.TEC)

Ring shaped light guide of a washing machine door – Large-area lighting effect using only very few LEDs, effect independent of viewing angle, homogeneous lighting, high-quality design element

Light guide gas heater control panel

Light guide gas heater control panel (Engineering by M.TEC)

Design engineering aspects: Very few LEDs, but yet homogeneous illumination, light guide is directly injection molded

Implementing light into products

Lighting technology upgrades consumer products. The perceived quality of technical products is increases by integrating lighting elements. In product development, light takes on a variety of tasks: Illumination of surfaces, fulfilment of functions in control elements, ambient lighting and accentuation of the design language.

Product lighting – increasing product sales with light

Lighting technology makes it possible to upgrade products functionally and optically. As a sales-promoting element, lighting elements can decisively increase desire and the perceived product quality.

Customer's opinion on M.TEC

"M.TEC provided us with excellent design engineering support in the development of our product innovation ChromTouch®. Former plain decorative elements have now become smart control panels – for new ways of interaction in the vehicle interior!"

Dr. Carsten Brockmann
Managing Director, Kunststofftechnik Bernt GmbH

Light engineering in product development

Functions light can cover in productdesign

Product areas, fields of application for light guides

Validation of light guides using lighting simulation

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