Advanced product quality planning APQP

In advanced product quality planning, the decisive course is set for efficient and cost-effective production. In addition to risk analyses of the production processes, good advance quality planning also includes the goal of reducing the testing effort to the necessary minimum during series production. The automotive industry strives for nothing less than a zero-defect target within the IATF 16949 standard. In other industries, however, QVP also serves the best possible safeguarding and optimization of production.

Advanced product quality planning: Systematic process and cost analysis by M.TEC

M.TEC's engineers work with their customers to develop the processes and necessary documents in relation to the IATF 16949 standard or even additional customer-specific requirements. In projects outside the automotive sector, M.TEC's customers also benefit from its expertise in advance quality planning by analyzing and optimizing manufacturing costs at an early stage.

Process flow charts for lower risks and production costs

Defining the production process using the process flow chart is a crucial step in advance quality planning. From decisions such as "make or buy" to defining the internal flow of materials, it can be used to identify and eliminate hidden cost drivers.

Advance quality planning services by M.TEC

To safeguard a seamless start of production (SOP), M.TEC supports your projects from the development stage up to the start of production, including these topics of advance quality planning:

  • Project management
  • Definition of the special features
  • Creation of OEM-specific processes and documents
  • Risk analyses, FMEAs
  • Definition of process flow charts
  • Creation of production control plans according to IATF 16949
  • Change management

Initial Sampling

Initial sampling plays a special role in advance quality planning. Here, too, M.TEC supports with over 30 years of experience in these points, among others:

  • Material sampling
  • Measurement reports
  • Durability tests
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