Verification, Validation

The verification and validation of components, assemblies and products aims to ensure functional fulfillment or the quality of parts manufactured with series tools. In such a design validation process, readiness for series production is assessed by means of tests, for example during initial sampling. Each type of test must be designed in such a way that the relevant characteristics are recorded in a reliable and reproducible manner in order to achieve the necessary informative value for reliable validation.

M.TEC – Qualification processes for production equipment, individual parts, assemblies

For more than 30 years, M.TEC has been developing strategies and concepts for the quality assessment and monitoring of series products for its customers across all industries. The qualification processes developed by the engineers at M.TEC for production equipment, individual parts and assemblies record the relevant parameters as precisely as required and reproduce loads realistically in the shortest possible time. In addition to the actual conception of the process or test equipment, the development of qualification processes also includes component research as well as procurement and implementation for the customer.

Regular re-validation of sensitive system properties

Certain tests must be repeated regularly during series production due to their importance for product safety, product quality or product approval. Typical examples are safety tests for medical technology products and loudness tests for approval in certain regions. Furthermore, supplier parts, for example, can exhibit quality fluctuations, which can have an impact on the overall product. Serial tools, on the other hand, may show wear after some time, so that tolerances may no longer be met.

In all these questions of verification and validation, the engineers of M.TEC support their customers with know-how, commitment and more than 30 years of experience in the realization of technical products.

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