Error analysis – an engineering process of its own kind

If unexpected difficulties occur in the development of products and processes, the project is typically already at an advanced stage, making negative consequences even more serious. Necessary changes can affect other areas, cause further delays and drive up costs.

For a precise error analysis and effective elimination of the causes, it is crucial to also understand troubleshooting as a defined process that follows a systematic approach. Spontaneous ad hoc measures usually only make the situation even worse.

Troubleshooting using a systematic approach

"By our systematic approach to troubleshooting and as external, neutral experts, we have often been able to help our customers solve their technical problems as well as realign their internal processes and successfully complete the project."

Wolfgang Pelzer
Managing Director M.TEC

Analyzing cause and effect in a systematic way

Often it is a combination of several causes that causes difficulties. In order to analyze this precisely, M.TEC's engineers follow an orderly methodology that processes even complex problem cases in a structured manner and identifies the actual causes at the end. The procedure essentially comprises the following steps:

  • Work out the problems
  • Analysis of the causes, verification of functions with simulation & calculation, among other things
  • If necessary, revision of the requirement and functional specifications
  • Find a solution considering all requirements
  • Documentation via 8D report, adaptation of FMEA if necessary, release for modification

In troubleshooting, M.TEC pursues the goal of going beyond the symptoms to the core of technical problems. This is the only way to permanently eliminate weak points and stabilize processes.

Simulation & calculation as an effective tool in troubleshooting

By the use of simulation & calculation in the analysis of errors and weak points, the causes can be made visible and comprehensible. It is an efficient engineering tool in the analysis of problems of any kind—if used properly. Since its foundation, M.TEC has always relied on its in-house calculation department. This gives M.TEC's engineers fast, direct access to simulations of the highest quality at any time.

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