Fatigue analysis

Component failure fatigue analysis

Component Failure - Analysis & Troubleshooting (Troubleshooting by M.TEC)

Component failure of a vessel's lid – problem analysis with simulations reveal unfavourable fibre orientation at local load peak; more stable component geometry designed with the help of structural optimisation (at the same component weight)

Failure analysis fatigue analysis

Sliding roof frame: Fatigue analysis and problem elimination without geometry changes (Troubleshooting by M.TEC)

Project example: Component failure of a sliding roof frame due to thermal expansion - analysis of the fiber orientation reveals unfavorable fiber orientation, leading to excessive thermal expansion. Problem solution: Shifting the gate position changes fiber orientation so that the fibers can develop their reinforcing effect. Thus, the component was restored to functional performance without any geometry changes.

If a product failure or fatigue occurs, it is a matter of identifying the fault and verifying the concept as quickly as possible. Fatigue analysis is the first step in this process. The aim is to identify the exact cause of the component failure or functional failure in the shortest possible time. Based on this data, a safe solution can be developed in the second step. In addition to the methodical approach itself, simulation & calculation is an important tool in fatigue analysis. Simulations can often make the triggers of a failure easily recognizable, both in the component and in the process.

Troubleshooting using a systematic approach

"By our systematic approach to troubleshooting and as external, neutral experts, we have often been able to help our customers solve their technical problems as well as realign their internal processes and successfully complete the project."

Wolfgang Pelzer
Managing Director M.TEC ENGINEERING GmbH

Fast, systematic fatigue analysis by the M.TEC team

M.TEC engineers offer you fast, effective help in the event of a failure of a component, product or process. This failure analysis follows its own tried and tested system. As a result, M.TEC has often been able to help its customers uncover the cause of the failure and subsequently correct the product concept. This also includes the stabilization of the corresponding processes. With the experience of more than 30 years of engineering of products and processes and the in-house department for simulation & calculation, M.TEC offers you a real added value in speed and safety in troubleshooting.

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Troubleshooting in the engineering of products & processes
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