SPE Automotive Award 2021 – recognition for M.OPT optimisation

SPE Automotive Award 2021 – recognition for M.OPT optimisation

Minimizing warpage and radically shortening the mold proving time of an automotive support structure

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A support structure of the BMW AG, optimized by M.TEC using the M.OPT engineering systematics for warpage minimization, receives a recognition in the category "Enabler Technology" at the 20th SPE Automotive Award 2021. This recognition at the prestigious SPE Automotive Award highlights the possibilities of the AI-based optimization method developed by M.TEC for critical plastic components. Not only does component precision increase, but aspects of sustainability and cost-effectiveness can also be significantly improved with M.TEC's engineering innovation.

BMW AG's Landshut plant was able to achieve the following improvements by applying M.TEC's optimization method to the support structure for its premium vehicle:

  • Mold proving time reduced by 80%
  • Greatly reduced material and energy consumption
  • Elimination of tooling changes


Learn more about the innovative M.OPT multiphysics simulation, an AI-based engineering systematics that can be used for minimizing warpage in precision injection molding.

Press coverage of the 20th SPE Automotive Award 2021:


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