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Sliding roof frame - warping in cold weather (Troubleshooting by M.TEC)

Test drives at sub-zero temperatures lead to thermal expansion, sunroof no longer closes - Fault analysis: Simulations show unfavorable fiber orientation, relocation of the injection point solves problem with unchanged component geometry

Blood Glucose Meter

Blood glucose meter - display damage during drop test (Troubleshooting by M.TEC)

Damaged corner of the display after drop test - error analysis: multi-body simulation reveals cause, rectification by slight tool change

Tank lid - crack at high pressure (Troubleshooting by M.TEC)

Crack in series component despite high glass fibre content of the material - Failure analysis: Simulations show unfavourable fibre orientation at local load tip; load-compatible component geometry determined using structural optimization (with the same component weight)

Learn more about the identification and visualization of error causes through simulation & AI.

When unexpected complications arise in the realization of products and processes, it is often difficult to identify the cause of the error quickly and beyond doubt. Therefore, troubleshooting for sustainable problem resolution must be a defined process that follows a systematic approach—spontaneous ad-hoc measures usually only make the situation more opaque. M.TEC offers such a troubleshooting process to technically regain control of your product or facility. Thanks to expertise in product and process development and an in-house simulation department that provides the necessary simulations for cause analysis, M.TEC is the right partner for troubleshooting products, facilities, and machinery.

Are you unexpectedly facing difficulties in engineering and need quick help?

Are you experiencing a technical issue with a design or process and need prompt, targeted assistance? Would you like to rely on your challenge being swiftly addressed and the problem being sustainably resolved? The engineers at M.TEC offer a proven troubleshooting methodology, have all the necessary analysis tools in-house, and can use their fresh external perspective to confidently resolve even difficult situations.

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Systematic Troubleshooting

We have often been able to help our clients as external, neutral experts through our systematic approach to troubleshooting, solving their technical problems and organizing their internal processes to successfully complete the project.

Wolfgang Pelzer

Systematically analyzing cause and effect – The M.TEC Troubleshooting Process

Often, it is a combination of several causes that lead to difficulties. The M.TEC Troubleshooting Process helps to systematically structure even complex cases and identify the actual causes.

The process can be roughly described according to the 8D report as follows:

  • Description of the team and responsibilities
  • Problem description and error characteristics
  • Possible immediate measures
  • Identification of error causes
  • Planned corrective measures with effectiveness check
  • Actually implemented corrective measures with result control
  • Identification of measures to prevent error recurrence
  • Recognizing team success

It is essential to ensure that the core of technical problems is reached. This is the only way to permanently eliminate weaknesses and stabilize processes.

Simulation & Calculation as an Important Tool in Troubleshooting

Through simulation and calculation, causes can be made visible and understandable, both in the component and in the process. It is an efficient engineering tool in the analysis of problems of any kind, provided it is used purposefully and consciously. Since its founding in 1991, M.TEC has relied on its in-house calculation department. This gives M.TEC engineers fast, direct access to high-quality simulations, from which our customers benefit in every project.

Troubleshooting of plastic components

Troubleshooting in fluid mechanics

Troubleshooting in acoustics

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