Weak point analysis

The weak point analysis examines products and processes for sensitive points in order to permanently secure and optimize projects. In contrast to an acute failure (see failure analysis), the aim of the weak point analysis is to be able to intervene in good time before a malfunction of functions or production processes occurs, if possible, and thus to ensure the functionality of the product. In ongoing projects, for example, this optimization serves to achieve greater robustness in the face of possible fluctuations in boundary conditions.

Systematic optimization of products and processes

In product development, there is the functionality and mechanical stability of the product on the one hand and the manufacturing processes on the other. Between these two engineering areas regarding product and process lies a critical transition area where there is often potential for optimization. As a long-standing engineering service provider in various industries, M.TEC offers you a lot of engineering expertise in the area of weak point analysis and optimization of products and processes. A special added value at M.TEC lies in a specially developed analysis system and in the transfer of knowledge on detailed technical solutions across the various industries.

Procedure in weak point analysis

Roughly simplified, a weak point analysis runs as follows

  • Analysis of the current state with identification of existing weak points for product and processes
  • Description of an optimal state
  • Risk assessment of individual weak points (e. g. with the help of FMEA)
  • Subsequently design and development of optimizations
Troubleshooting in the engineering of products & processes
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