Crash Simulation

M.TEC is specialized in the FE simulation of highly dynamic processes such as those that occur in a vehicle crash.

Furthermore, we have the necessary knowledge about the simulation of the material behavior of plastics, composites and metals dependent on the strain rate up to the point of failure, as well as the knowledge of the legal situation and the regulations to be observed.

Crash Simulation: Fields of application

  • Vehicle occupant protection / Vehicle occupant safety
  • Pedestrian protection
  • Airbag firing
  • Head impact simulation
  • Ball impact test
  • Rear Impact
  • Side collision

Crash simulation: automotive industry makes high demands

The automotive industry puts a great deal of effort into using crash simulations to make their vehicles safer in the event of a crash. For this purpose, many individual measures, such as the belt system or the airbags must be adapted to the crash behavior of the entire vehicle. In addition, a large number of legal regulations must be taken into account in the design.

Since the crash of a vehicle takes place in the millisecond range and usually destroys the relevant components, such as crash elements, belt tensioners or airbags, real tests involve an extremely high effort in the testing technology and very high costs. Therefore, the development process must be supported by crash simulation.

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