Vibration Analysis

Fan shroud vibration analysis (Engineering by M.TEC)

Simulation of displacement in x-direction

Critical loads, disturbing noises

Many technical products are subject to vibrational stimuli, such as cars on a bad road or washing machines in a spin cycle. The vibrational excitation leads to changing material loads for which the components must be dimensioned. The vibration of the components can lead to unpleasant noises or rattling.

Natural frequency analysis / Excitation frequency

How does vibration analysis help to counteract this? The natural frequencies of components or assemblies represent a particularly critical situation. If components are excited to vibrate at their natural frequency because the excitation frequency is equal to the natural frequency of the component, the component will start to vibrate and this will lead to an excessive increase in the vibration displacement and an increase in material stress. The vibration displacement is only limited by material damping or friction.

Eliminating natural frequencies

M.TEC is specialized in analyzing and dimensioning vibrating systems. Including simulation, the transmission paths can be shown, the oscillation paths and material loads can be determined and by using structural optimization in critical frequency ranges, the natural frequencies can be eliminated.

  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Simulation of the settling process
    • Prognosis of the vibration displacement
    • Determination of the material load in steady state
  • Analysis of the vibration behaviour
  • Structural Optimization
    • Reduction of the vibration displacement
    • Cancellation of natural frequencies in critical frequency ranges


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