Injection Molding Simulation

The injection molding simulation exposes where quality problems arise in plastic components. The component design with regard to shrinkage and warpage as well as the manufacturing process (temperature control, filling behaviour, mold cooling, cycle time) have an influence. The injection molding simulation simulates these influencing factors.

What is the process of an injection molding simulation?

1. Transmission of your CAD data

You send us the CAD data of your component.

2. Injection molding simulation by M.TEC

M.TEC uses it to carry out the filling simulation to display the filling behavior of your mold.

3. Outcome: 3D view and 3D animation

You receive the results documentation and the MFR file. On your computer you can view the filling of your tool as a 3D view and 3D animation.

Benefits of the injection molding simulation

Safeguarding your design by means of injection molding simulation

Injection molding technology makes it possible to produce functionally integrated plastic components in high quality suitable for mass production without the need for reworking - at a reasonable cost.
However, this can only be achieved if during the entire product creation process (development, toolmaking, production), it is ensured that the component can be manufactured without problems. In order to guarantee this, M.TEC, as a service provider, carries out injection molding simulations for its customers in every phase of the development up to the tool making and provides well-founded recommendations for action.

Recommendations for action on simulation results

You already benefit from our support as a service provider during the design of your plastic components. Our common goal is a component geometry which in itself leads to less distortion due to its design. We take the criteria for manufacturing into account from the very beginning - iterations before and during tool making are significantly reduced. This reduces the project costs.

Services injection molding simulation 

  • Determination of the optimum gating concept
  • Development and balancing of distribution systems
  • Balancing the filling
  • Design of hot runner systems
  • Warpage optimization
  • Clamping force optimization
  • Cooling design
  • Cycle time optimization
  • Calculation of the fiber orientation with transfer to the FE calculation
  • Consultation for concept development / design of your plastic component

M.TEC - service provider for injection molding simulation

As a service provider/supplier for injection molding simulation, M.TEC answers all questions about injection molding. The plastics and simulation experts in Aachen use their extensive knowledge from product development to work towards a component geometry that meets all requirements.

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